Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Sandy Watson showed her compassion to fellow cancer patients by providing bags of courage. Even though she lost her battle to cancer, First Christian Church of Pine Bluff would like to keep her memory and the bags going in her memory. We delivered 200 bags Christmas 2013 to CARTI Cancer center in Little Rock and 40 to the cancer center in Pine Bluff. Now comes the compassion of the community to help keep this program going. We are asking for donations to purchase the bags so that we can distribute more compassion to cancer patients. All donations can be sent to First Christian Church, 3911 S. Hazel Street, Pine Bluff, AR 71611 in care of Red Bags of Courage.

Thanks to Pine Bluff Commercial and SEALife Magazine, some volunteers have already responded to our need. Once the bags are purchased, we will start collecting items such as bottled water, hand sanitizer, packaged crackers, pocket Kleenex and other items that are useful to patients as they wait for there treatment.

Compassion is our mission. For those that have received the bags and the ones waiting to receive them, we ask for your compassion. Please help us as we help those in need. Seen here, Sandy and her daughter with the first Red Bags of Courage and with your help more to come.

Mandy Meaux

Pine Bluff