Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

The National Association of University Women adds their voices to so many others throughout the world in condemning the kidnapping of innocent girls in Nigeria.

Two hundred seventy-six girls remain in the clutches of the militant group Boko Haram. It is unspeakably horrifying to have such violence occur to girls whose parents allowed them to leave home to have the opportunity of getting an education.

Such acts are deplorable and require that action be taken by authorities in Nigeria and other countries to do all in their power to have these girls returned to their homes. This is surely a travesty and must be recognized as such.

In our 104 years of advocating for young people to get an education, we are appalled that there are those who believe that a Western education is sinful. To the contrary, to prevent anyone from being educated is just another form of slavery that cannot and must not be tolerated.

So, we join forces with First Lady Michelle Obama and so many more in calling for the return of the young Nigerian girls who are not unlike our own daughters, granddaughters and students. We share in the anguish, disbelief and hope that the Nigerian families must feel as they face this dreadful situation. We applaud their courage and pray that this awful nightmare will come to an end quickly.

Dolores Y. Owens

National Association of University Women, Washington, D.C.

Mary A. Liddell

President, Pine Bluff Branch (NAUW)