Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Sometimes many of us are unwilling to ask questions. Often, we are afraid of stepping on toes or too lazy to speak up. The most difficult person any of us has to live with is ourselves.

How does it seem plausible that the Election Committee would have the unmitigated gall to override the Judicial Court System? However if someone’s "got your back" why not be an ego driven selfish person. Power is indeed addictive. Carl Redus loves power and proved it. He is unwilling to respect the voters who, with an overwhelming majority, did elect Mayor Debe Hollingsworth for four years. He could show some self-respect even gratitude and leave rather than continue to create chaos.

Mayor Hollingsworth deserves our support. She believes in her vision for Pine Bluff. She must considering the obstacles our City Council has continued to throw at her. She is attempting to be the difference we wish to see. Pine Bluff has lost 10,000-plus residents from the tax-paying rolls in the past 10 years. An atmosphere of bickering cannot promote prosperity. It becomes easy to deflect from the real issues when elected persons are fighting amongst themselves. In spite of the selfish efforts of some of our elected officials we push onward.

If we are on a mission to succeed there is no time to be deceived or deterred. We owe it to ourselves and our future … our children. It has always been up to us. It remains up to us.

Rhonda Johnson-Sizemore

Pine Bluff