Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

I just want to let columnist Brenda Miles know how much I have enjoyed her articles in the Pine Bluff Commercial lately, especially the one about Fordyce and the Dixie Dog!

The one about devastation of hearts and homes reminded me about my own life. The house in Fordyce where I was born has been replaced with a parking lot.

The house across the street that my husband’s family moved into in June of 1940 is now a vacant lot. The house I became an adult in and was married in has fallen on major disrepair. Even the school house where I graduated high school is now a quick stop.

The only relatives I have in Dallas County are in Oakland Cemetery. I lost my husband of 53 years last year and he is buried in his family plot in Camden.

The Dixie Dog article brought back many happy memories. Just one correction — I think our movie (house) was the Dallas. The Rialto was in Camden. Fordyce had two movie houses — the Dallas and the Lee — that I remember. The 50s were the good old days.

Keep bringing the memories back. Thanks.

Elizabeth B. Gaines

Pine Bluff