Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

My condolences to the Isadore family that lost their loved one in such a tragic way. It’s a known fact that if you shoot at the police, they are going to shoot back. The case has been investigated by a state attorney, and he found no fault in the way the case was handled.

The SWAT team reacted the way they were trained to do to protect the public. People saying they should have waited until Mr. Isadore fell asleep or until he ran out of ammunition is really senseless. He was apparently a very active gentleman, so it would be anyone’s guess when he would fall asleep or how much ammunition he had. When the public is at risk, the police can’t second guess these things. A bullet that comes from a 7 year old or a 107 year old is just as deadly.

As long as we aren’t a felon, we can own a gun, but we do not have the right to shoot at people.

No one has answered to the advisability of letting a 107-year-old have access to a firearm.

I resent an outsider coming in our city and making rash statements about our police force.

Mary Jo Mccord

Pine Bluff