Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

My sainted mother said that genius will be made known. Remember that ignorance will too! I suggest her admonishments be considered as readers consider the fate of Pine Bluff.

1. If Mr. Isadore was so loved by so many, why was a man of his advanced age and attendant debilities left unfettered in possession of a gun and unknown amounts of ammunition?

2. He was apparently deficient of hearing and sight, as well as emotionally unstable —debilities that endangered his own well being as well as the well being of others.

3. How did Mr. Isadore obtain the gun and ammo he used to his destruction? I do NOT say it was illegal. I do say it was very ill advised. I question the judgment of some folks who were involved. Why blame others for what could have been prevented by those who say they loved him?

4. What kind of chutzpah does it take for Mr. Carl Redus and his cohort to think their legal views trump those of two judges, a secretary of state and several lawyers? Whether I like Stewart Soffer is beside the point entirely. But he is recognized nationally as an expert on election laws.

5. You wonder why jobs and citizens are fleeing your city in droves? Several folks who ran for mayor and lost appear to think they’re mayor anyway. The council is rife with dissension, racism and folks pushing personal agendas. What company would be dumb enough to invite such when there remains a choice to find another town with cooperative folks?

Either you, as a community, fix this and fix it soon — or you are destined to fail as a town and as a society.

Karl Hansen