Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I want to personally thank all the participants for assisting the Jefferson County Judge’s Office in decorating the Jefferson County recycled ornament Christmas tree.

Congratulations to all the young, very creative designers who took recyclable material and turned it into extraordinarily beautiful Christmas ornaments. We should learn from our children and young adults, as they took a lot of time to divert items from our landfill into making something special.

This year we received over 900 ornaments that brought to life a 22-foot Christmas tree for the enjoyment of all of the citizens of Jefferson County. The tree was acquired through a $200 charitable donation from the Jefferson County Recycling Department. This should teach us all how, with a little effort and concern for our environment, we can make for a brighter, cleaner future for our children and our community.

Jefferson County Judge Dutch King

Pine Bluff