Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

At the Hot Springs Convention Center recently, my sister and I had the pleasure of meeting a group of young students from our alma mater, Dollarway. These wonderful young people were the most polite, most congenial group of students present at the EAST conference banquet. We were so very impressed with their demeanor.

They wore bright cardinal red blazers with the Dollarway insignia displayed over the pocket. Representing Dollarway schools and Pine Bluff with pride and style, they made us so delighted to see the face of the future of our great city and state as represented by these fine youngsters. Their sponsors beamed as the students spoke to us with a politeness that is refreshing to witness these days.

Keep up the good work, Dollarway faculty and staff. Our students shine!

S.E. Sands and Latonna A. Sands

Hot Springs