Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Here are some things that maybe, just maybe, your driver’s ed teacher didn’t emphasize:

1) When it is raining and you are running your windshield wipers, your lights should be ON (state Law).

2) You should signal your intention to turn (left or right) even if no other driver is in sight (state Law).

3) The yellow lines that are in the middle of the road were not put there as racing stripes or because the street/highway department found a yellow paint sale. If a yellow line is in your lane, you are NOT to pass. (Please note: Mr. Policeman, park at First Baptist Church on Hazel Street and notice how many drivers pass on a yellow line in the stretch between 73rd Avenue and Ridgway Road even when the person in front of them is driving the posted limit — 40 mph.).

4) When you cross 46th Avenue (going south), the speed limit becomes 45 mph, and remains 45 mph until you cross Ridgway Road where you can then, within reason, put the pedal to the medal. The reverse is true going north.

I live off 73rd Avenue and when I approach Ridgway Road (going north), cars are whizzing by me at the speed of sound; they never slow down and tailgate me (even when I am going 45 mph) All the while, cars are coming out of the two Walmart entrances/exits and the entrance/exit to Chef Lee, Dollar Tree, etc. The police have staked out this area at times, but need to do it more often.

5) I have noticed that most of the offenders are young people. Whippersnappers, where are you going in such a hurry? If you do not value your own life, give some consideration to the rest of us.

Jeanette McGrew

Pine Bluff