Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I love this state. I thought the "Machine" in Illinois was something, but the "Good Ole’ Boys" have them beat.

Why even bother amending the state Constitution when nobody pays any attention to it in the first place?

I doubt if there is a soul in the state that has even read it. We have allowed our politicians to become our idols because we ourselves have no moral convictions.

We no longer vote for a person’s true character. Instead we vote on party allegiance or because they come across as a "friend of a friend" person. You know what I mean: "so and so’s nephew," "Sue’s daughter" or "the person down the street."

My question is are we so dense that we would give the state representatives and senators a 16-year term? That’s what we will see come November with Issue 3.

I personally would like to change the United States Constitution to state: a 6-year term for the President; a 6-year term for the Senate; a 4-year term for the Representative "ONLY."

If you can’t produce your campaign promises in that amount of time out you go and no member of your family can run for any of those positions for 12 years. Then we might see a government for the people, by the people instead of screw the people.

Carol Key

Pine Bluff