Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

On Tuesday, May 27th, I attended a meeting of the Jefferson County Election Commission called to perform a recount of the early vote totals for the county judge race.

During the early part of the meeting, a candidate from a municipal race rose to speak and subsequently handed the three commissioners an envelope with enclosed documentation that he desired to be read and considered.

One commissioner, Stu Soffer, glanced at the information and immediately launched a verbal attack on Mr. Michael McCray. As McCray rose to address the body, Soffer invited McCray to take the disagreement outside. It was clear to all present that Soffer was ready to engage in a brawl outside the meeting facility.

This all occurred with no obvious provocation from Mr. McCray. A couple of audience members chided Soffer and he responded by stating, "you can kiss my lily white a—."

This all occurred again with no provocation and his statement was clearly heard by all present. His statement to this mostly black audience had huge racial overtones as he found it necessary to describe his "a— as lily white." Soffer was not finished on this night as he later verbally lashed out at this writer of events that I observed that night.

It has been stated that Soffer has made such a statement before and to the same demographic of people. This occasion however was in a formal meeting setting with the press in attendance. The local minority party certainly can find someone who is not so uncouth and out of control as Soffer. He is a disgrace to the human race and certainly to all the good citizens of Jefferson County. I call on the minority party to remove him immediately as their representative.

Don Scott

Pine Bluff