Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

There is a phrase, "So good it makes you write home about it." I am writing about the good food and service I received

at Jefferson Regional Medical Center (JRMC). Having been in and out of hospital facilities I’ve come to learn that hospital food has a daunting two-part task.

First, it must be appetizing enough for the patient to want to eat. Second, it must be nutritious enough to support the patient’s health goals.

Too often, hospitals equate bland for nutritious and fancy for desirable. The genius of JRMC food service is shown by cooking food that is of familiar Southern cuisine (catfish, pulled pork, baked beans, greens, corn bread) instead of the unfamiliar and gourmet.

Normally the Southern cuisine is full of fats, high sodium, refined grains and low fiber. JRMC food service cooks it in a way that is nutritious, as noted by the glowing scores on my metabolic panels and ANC1 tests for blood sugar. Yet it is tasty as noted by the weight gain. Such is the genius of the JRMC approach. It demonstrates to the patient that he can enjoy the foods he loves in way that’s so good he can "write from home about it."

Renaldo Hemphill

Pine Bluff