Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

On April 22, this paper covered a forum at which candidates in the upcoming election addressed the public. Participants included Fifth Division Circuit Judge Jodi Raines Dennis and her opponent, Luther Sutter.

According to coverage of this event, Mr. Sutter spoke of a ruling Judge Dennis made in a case in which he was involved as a lawyer. Citing this ruling as the reason he decided to run against Judge Dennis, Mr. Sutter asserted that the ruling was incorrect and stated that he believes he could do a better job than Judge Dennis.

On June 5, 2013, a three-judge panel of the Arkansas Court of Appeals issued a written decision upholding Judge Dennis’ ruling. I understand that this decision, Murphy v. Bunge North America Inc., 2013 Ark. App. 372, is accessible on the Internet free of charge.

As Judge Dennis’s ruling has become an issue in the Fifth Division race, voters in Jefferson and Lincoln Counties may want to read the appeals court’s decision and form their own opinions as to whether Judge Dennis was correct.

Greg Robinson

Pine Bluff