Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Saturday morning, I noticed a very large crowd gathering on the courthouse main parking lot. I wondered what was going on because this was very abnormal for early voting on a Saturday. In the crowd, I saw Pastor James Murry. It was as if he was wondering what was going on also.

As more vehicles entered the lot, I noticed Pastor Murry giving directions. Then it occurred to me that his congregation was in those vehicles. The men and women made their way toward Pastor Murry. Lo and behold it was like Moses leading the children of Israel to the promised land. Pastor Murry was leading about 60 of his members inside the courthouse to early vote. Now this was a true act of pastoral leadership. A lot of pastors talk the talk, but I actually witnessed one walking the walk.

I looked in Saturday’s newspaper and noticed several churches (store-front and real) were having all kinds of Sunday afternoon programs. Pastor’s anniversary, first lady’s banquet, pastor’s aid program and so on. Now these programs are advertised to draw large crowds in order to have large collections. But I haven’t seen any of these same churches place an ad to meet them at the courthouse to vote.

Every Saturday, several pastors gather outside the courthouse to pray for the city. My pastoral friends, your prayers have been answered inside the courthouse on those voting machines. Now is the time to get off your knees, get on your feet and lead congregations to the Jefferson County Courthouse to early vote.

Pastor Murry, I salute you and other pastors who lead by example by keeping your congregations politically active. This is a challenge to all pastors. Pastors seeking a love offering need not apply.

Jeff Edwards