Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

You got to love this country. We not only allow but promote 2 percent of our society to dictate how this nation should operate. And the humorous part is, we will not only all pay for it, but in the long run, answer for it.

I’m talking about the self-centered bullies who sue to get their point and agenda across. And for what?

The very people they violate will be needed to establish what they can’t accomplish. And the sad point is, they do not care. They only know how to slander people in the name of justice.

Yes, laws need to be changed, but why wait until the courts need to intervene? Where are these people prior to needing a lawyer? If you have the money for a lawsuit, then you had it to present your case in a more civil manner rather than jamming it down our throats.

I’m sorry, but you personally generate hatred with your callus action.

Carol L. Key

Pine Bluff