Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

According to an article in the state newspaper, improving our aging Pine Bluff/Jefferson County (central) Library has been a top priority for at least a decade. Define priority: the right of taking first place in order, rank or importance.

A recent article in the Pine Bluff Commercial states that a six-month deadline has been placed on either finding a new location (for the central library) or repairing the current library. This article is dated June 10, 2014. Remember the date folks!

If you are a resident of Jefferson County, I would invite you to visit our central library to draw your own conclusions. The central library has been described in newspapers as "not suitable to use, complicated and bothersome for handicapped people wanting access to the upper floors, undesirably located, and depressing."

I would especially invite Mayor Hollingsworth and the city council members to walk next door and note the ruined "Jack and the Beanstalk" mural as you enter the first floor, the rotting wall, and the large, turkey basting pan placed under the mural to catch the water every time it rains.

Why on earth wasn’t a new central library written into the plans for using the 5/8 of a cent tax money?

Jeanette McGrew

Pine Bluff