Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Re: Jason Tolbert’s recent column: You say that if minimum wages go up, jobs will be lost. In case you haven’t noticed, prices on everything are up and will continue to rise every day. It’s not one or two cents either. Like the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette went up from $16 a month to $26. If they aren’t going to raise minimum wages, then prices should be frozen.

The cost of groceries goes up every week. Gas prices are climbing steadily. People have to make choices between medical necessities and groceries. Electric and gas prices have skyrocketed during this bad winter and people still are not warm. When people are on fixed incomes, then you can’t afford to insulate your homes. When you get an automatic raise at the first of the year, that’s exactly how much your medical insurance goes up. These are the real people that try to get by day to day, not the big wigs that don’t have to worry about how to pay that huge gas bill.

My husband worked for the same company for 36 years and they thought nothing of freezing wages for years. The prices at the company still went up. It’s not a matter of education, or lack of — many of the people he worked with had degrees — but were having to work for minimum wage.

All these stores claim to have a great sales going on, but if you check closely, you will see that something has a higher price than last week.

Don’t blame it on minimum wage. I’m one of the 99 percent.

Mary Jo McCord

Pine Bluff