Our racial issue

Our racial issue

is ‘our problem’

Editor, The Commercial:

We, as a country, have to solve the Ferguson, Mo., problem, the Sanford, Fla., problem, the Los Angeles problem; the next (you name the town) problem, because our racial issue is "our problem." It is the United States of America’s problem.

We, as a country, can solve our racial problem within five years if we tackle the issue as a country. Piece-mealing the problem will take several generations to accomplish what we, as a country, can accomplish in five years or less.

I remember President Kennedy saying, "within 10 years, we shall put a man on the moon" and we, as a country, did it!!!

We did it. But we did it, as a country. That accomplishment made all of us extremely proud. Let’s be proud again. Pass it on.

L.S. Nash

Pine Bluff