Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

What is wrong with the people in Pine Bluff? Just within the past week, I have observed the following:

• A dog in a back yard that I could see his ribs from the road. He was clearly malnourished, and I reported it to Animal Control.

• A dog that appeared to be a Lab in a front yard tethered to a fence on a lead no more than 4 feet. The poor animal was frantically jumping up and down on the fence, undoubtedly bored out of his mind and very uncomfortable, left to do his "business" where he lay and no room to run or even walk.

• A group of stray dogs, one limping and one just a puppy, running through the streets downtown.

• A small brown and white dog lying on the grass beside an I-530 exit ramp and appeared to be injured.

What is it going to take for people to start taking responsibility for their animals, and realize that they deserve kindness and are not disposable? In Pine Bluff, we have three organizations working to address these problems: Pine Bluff Animal Control, Jefferson County Humane Society and Pine Bluff Animal Friends. Yet these conditions are rampant and appear to be getting worse!

The Jefferson County Humane Society and Pine Bluff Animal Friends are both nonprofits and everything they do to rescue and adopt out animals is voluntary and out of the goodness of their hearts. Pine Bluff Animal Control has been hired by the taxpayers of this city. They are not doing an adequate job at responding to citizen complaints, issuing citations for animal cruelty/neglect and removing animals from homes where they are clearly being abused. This, in spite of the help they receive from the aforementioned volunteer organizations.

Lisa A. Grigg

Pine Bluff