Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Prayer in the Bluff will bring down Crime in the Bluff! (Acronym for PRAYER) Parents Reaching Adolescent Young during Early Rearing. I thank God for the Christian men and women in this city that are crying out to God for a healing in this city. But we as parents must play our role too. My concern is that a lot of parents are not rearing their children in the admiration of the Lord. When this happens, I truly feel crime will decrease.

As an educator and a mentor, these are small solutions to the problem. However, Christian parenting is the key answer to the city’s cry! 2+2=4 and Christian Rearing=Blessed Seeds (Children) which produce a prosperous city!

Also, I am glad to see the mayor, alderwomen, aldermen and all city officials finally working together.

Nathaniel "Cedric" Jackson

Pine Bluff