Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I wonder how many folks read and accept without question the writings of Diana West in your paper? The recent column about Chairman Mao’s birthday was riven with garbage and innuendo. She said "there is no Nazi party today," which is definitely NOT the case!

She says FDR and Harry Truman’s administrations had "agents and fellow travelers inside agencies and related institutions " working FOR MAO and helped him overthrow Chiang Kai-shek. There is no one named in that accusation nor can I find any documented instance of it occurring.

Then, as could be anticipated, this woman accuses President Obama of being "mentored" by Frank Marshall Davis, whom she refers to as a Communist and as an apologist for Mao. The record will show that Mr. Davis was a writer and newspaperman who knew Obama’s grandfather. He said he would work with anyone who was trying to stop racism in that effort. He was not an advocate of Communism, but would use whatever morally acceptable assistance he could utilize to gain mutual respect among all races. She tries to smear Obama as communist because Bolsheviks enacted nationalization of medicine. By that reasoning, then, the famously Republican Margaret Thatcher and all leaders of Canadian government as well — must be COMMUNIST too.

Nationalized medicine is the hallmark of British lands and their cohorts. I have a daughter who has lived in Canada for 35 years and I’m an advocate of that system because it WORKS for the citizenry there. So give some serious thought to what you read by biased and unvetted writers in this paper and any other you read.

Karl Hansen