Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Red Bags of Courage was incorporated June 10, 2014. We are a non-profit organization giving compassion, comfort and support to cancer patients ONE bag at a time. Since 2010, 879 bags have been distributed to cancer centers in central Arkansas.

Sandy Watson, who lost her battle to cancer in 2013, started this program. She saw a need for compassion to patients just like her. Showing kindness to those who were distressed from what the treatment can do to one’s body, she founded Red Bags of Courage with the hope that cancer patients would feel that they are not alone.

Red Bags of Courage Inc., in memory of Sandy Watson, held its first board meeting July 8, 2014, at First Christian Church. Those in attendance were: Martha Quinn, Donna Dykes, Donna Davis, Dana McAlister, Carol Newton, Kevin Snyder, Ellen Nichol, Caren Thompson, Yvonne Glien and myself. It was a great success. Find us on Facebook, like us, under Red Bags of Courage. The page will give you information about the work we have done previously, as well as what we plan for the future.

Soon you will see us out in the community raising funds to purchase more bags and delivering those bags to cancer centers and patients. Donations and support from the community are welcome and necessary. Patients who have received a bag in past years may be willing to help other patients to receive one in the future.

Please send donations to: Red Bags of Courage, P.O. Box 20665, White Hall, AR 71612-0665.

Mandy Meaux

Red Bags of Courage Inc.

White Hall