Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

As a citizen of Pine Bluff, I am disappointed with the crimes as of late, specifically homicides. I believe that it is time to take a stand and find a solution to these issues. Homicides are my main focal point in this column.

Something needs to be done now involving our citizens because our city has a bad name and is in a state of need. When our city’s name is tarnished, our names are too. The solution to this problem starts with our youth because it is the future of our city and what it brings to the table for this issue is empowering.

We, along with other citizens, should stand up and put our hands and voices together in hopes of empowering others and getting them to believe that violence isn’t the retort to our problems. Violence only causes more violence, which causes our citizens to be at risk.

We are labeled as Crime Bluff and ranked second in the metropolitan areas behind Detroit in crime rate and this appears to be on the rise if change isn’t made soon. I’m tired of this city being looked at as "Crime Bluff" and that nobody wants to live here. This can be ended if we stand together and push one another to realize that picking up a gun and shooting or killing someone is not the answer.

Young people as well as older people have been subjected to violence for years and I’m fed up with it. We need to start a campaign and name it "Stop the Violence". I believe we should have citizens witness our campaign on downtown Main Street where everybody can hear and see us speak and walk with our signs in an effort to enlighten the minds of our people positively.

Tyrone Gooseberry

Pine Bluff