Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

To me, it has been obvious that President Obama wants to destroy the United States, and that a higher power is at work in Washington, D.C. - an evil, diabolical and deceiving power. The lawmakers’ ears seem deafened, their eyes blinded, and they are being fueled by power and greed.

Not only are we being destroyed by power and greed, but our continent is being ripped apart by hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. These things are weakening our economy, which has already been weakened by misguided spending.

It appears Obama is trying to abolish our two-party governing system by decimating the Republican party. This will give him the control he wants to more easily destroy our nation. I believe this destruction is being allowed to happen because we have turned away from God.

I hope you believe in God because this nation will only be saved by His power. Our nation has been blessed because it was founded on Christianity, and because we have been a friend to Israel, God’s chosen people. Now we have turned our back on God and Israel, and His hand of protection is rapidly being lifted from us.

It is not too late if we will repent and turn back to God. Without Him we will not survive.

Pray! All it takes is one person to make a difference…could that person be you?

Becky Divine

Pine Bluff