Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

My name is Olivia Olson and I live in NW Arkansas. I am seeking individuals from Pine Bluff or the surrounding area the might have knowledge of the German POW camp located at the Pine Bluff Arsenal from 1943-45.

I am interested in personal recollections and photo copies, which may include individuals as well as handcrafts made by the Germans, or specimens of artifacts related to their POW experience, such as letters to/from former captives.

From my research, I have learned a number of former POW’s immigrated back to the United States after repatriation and a waiting period for a sponsor; even some, within 50 miles of their former camps. I understand it may be difficult to find individuals with first-hand experience that worked within the camp or had knowledge/experiences with the POW’s, but I am hopeful there may be someone who can help me in my research.

Please contact me through phone, email, or P.O. Box as follows: 479-366-7228, olivolson@gmail.com or P.O. Box 70 Avoca, AR 72711.

Olivia L. Olson