Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

When Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 he said he’d just turned the South over to the Republicans for several decades. History proved him right.

The old fellow couldn’t have foreseen Barack Obama’s presidency occurring as soon as it did. I’ll bet he’d have seen the immediate conversion of most "Christian" Democrats in Arkansas to instant Republicans when Obama was elected here in Arkansas.

It’s astounding what some folks will accept rather than cede political power to a black man.

I’m also curious what the great Martin L. King would think of what people have done with the equal rights and access to good educations that he and lots of the rest of us worked that they could have? He died for that and others did as well. Some of them were white folks TOO.

How would he view the thugs and dopers who waste his legacy and who disrespect his legacy and that of those who fought and died to bring them freedom? Some thought is needed here!

Karl Hansen