Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

In reference to your article dated March 21, 2014 "Judicial Candidates State Their Cases," Bill Benton is quoted as saying when he was an attorney he wanted fair hearings.

The vast majority of cases that come before Bill Benton are family domestic cases where the future and lives of so many people and most importantly children are decided. I have seen first hand Bill Benton’s version of a fair hearing. Is a fair hearing to decide the future and the welfare of children time limited?

Yes, Judge Benton decides how long he will hear a case and places a time limit on them. Regardless if all the facts are heard.

Is a fair hearing one where the judge verbally abuses attorneys that come before him? Yes, I said verbal abuse, barking at them, ordering them around as if he were king! I have heard of Black Robe syndrome, where judges put on a robe and take on a God complex, and Judge Benton seems to be a prime example!

Bill Benton does not dispense fair hearings and justice as he watches the clock and abuses attorneys before they can even fit their client’s case into a time period he seems to arbitrarily determine!

Mac Norton states clearly he wants to do away with the old system of timing, to treat all parties including the attorneys with fairness and dignity and most importantly to ensure that a full, fair hearing is held when the future of children is at stake.

I believe it is time for a change and Bill Benton should be voted off the bench and Mac Norton elected so we can truly bring justice to that seat.

Wendy R. Singer

White Hall