Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Well, it looks like the Pine Bluff Three are at it again: Aldermen George Stepps, Glen Brown and Thelma Walker of the Pine Bluff City Council. These names are synonymous with discord and division in the city council.

These three have displayed the most childish and adolescent behavior I have ever seen in my 45 years of residency in Pine Bluff. Whenever the mayor brings a proposal before the city council, you can bet your house that the PB-3 will rise up united and vote against it. In their latest episode, the PB-3 go after the mayor and police chief over the open-carry march.

OK, lets start with Alderman Stepps. He said that people were calling him to say they were intimidated. Really? Intimidated by an organized march being escorted by police officers? And his reference to "Gunsmoke" is completely asinine.

Then there’s Alderman Brown, who is always the first to blame the mayor for everything that happens and is quick to chastise others until it is himself that is in the hot seat. We all remember the episode of Alderman Brown being accused of pulling up his opponents’ political signs and piling them up in the back of his truck. Or his parents’ home being condemned and him throwing a fit at the council meeting.

As for Alderwoman Walker, her comments make the least sense to me regarding sheriff deputies not working clubs. What does that have to do with this march. Just something else to pick at the mayor about. I think the main problem with her is that she is still mad about losing the mayoral election.

I think its time for the PB-3 to grow up and put Pine Bluff first instead of their own agendas.

Jody O’Mary

Pine Bluff