Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

My curiosity has gotten the best of me. I am wondering how many children will President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Congress plan on housing for themselves.

Several weeks ago, there was a picture in the newspaper showing a huge holding pen with children under the age of 16 in Brownsville, Texas. Today’s paper stated more than 52,000 unaccompanied Spanish-speaking children have arrived so far.

So, are we looking at orphans or runaways? Do we even have enough bilingual foster parents to handle this situation as we sift through the legal process or do we continue to keep them in holding pens like cattle?

Also, who is going to feed, love, clothe and take care of their basic needs?

I have seen this country do a lot of asinine things in my lifetime, but this tops the cake! Since when are we in the business of child trafficking?

I am already writing my representatives in Congress on this matter.

Carol Key

Pine Bluff