Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

The life and legacy of Billy Hartness of Monticello, who died April 9 at the age of 82, is one of the most honorable, distinguished and historic entities of the Lower Mississippi Delta/Mid-South Region of the United States of America.

This most remarkable man took upon his shoulders with his most remarkable spouse during the Mid 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s via Hartness Lumber & Hardware teaming with the Honorable James T. Jordan (mayor) and transformed Monticello, Ark., from a city under 5,000 in population with all sub-par Third World housing and infrastructure in all ethnic cultures into the best HUD standard brick veneer single-family housing city with all four wards for upper middle/middle (Wards 2 & 4) and moderate/low income (Wards 1 & 3) eliminating any/all dilapidated housing/infrastructure in the city of Monticello making it the role model rural city in the Mid-South Region.

Billy Hartness was one fine Christian gentleman who loved and cherished Monticello, and his work and service during the period of racial transitions/integration and equalization he set the standard for all communities in Arkansas.

Billy Hartness, James T. Jordan, Charles F. Dearman are the legendary entities who ushered a new arena of first world amenities in the rural sector that gives validity and enhancement why the United States of America is the most innovative, influential powerful and wealthiest nation in the history of man/woman kind.

Billy Hartness champion among champions in the Lower Mississippi Delta and Mid-South.

Dr. Sam Wherry