Camden Road Extension Homemakers Club recently held its monthly meeting.

Camden Road Extension Homemakers Club recently held its monthly meeting.

The meeting began with Andrea Hartley briefing members on the Jefferson County EHC meeting. The meeting was called to order by Nancy Sumner, president. All members were welcomed.

The thought was: The spice of life — humor. Humor is the shortest distance between two people. Patsy Wallace read the inspiration aloud. Members answered roll call by naming their favorite spice. Answers included cinnamon, cilantro, nutmeg, thyme, garlic and onion.

Members present included Becky Boudra, Judy Cox, Wanda Felts, Elizabeth Ferguson, Hartley, Esta Kealer, Kathy Rogers, Wanda Strickland, Sumner and Patsy Wallace. Sumner added that she went to Israel and that compared to America we used a lot less spices. Hostesses, Felts and Strickland prepared a delicious snack for members, which included a sandwich that consisted of pumpernickel bread, cream cheese and olives.

The program for the month was presented by Felts — “Add a Little Spice (&Herbs) to Your Life!” Herbs are leafs of plants. Spices come from the bark of tress and plants. Spices and herbs can help retain flavor in your foods while cutting back on dietary fat, sugar and salt. When doubling a recipe: DO NOT double spices and herbs.

Sumner announced that Cox received an award at the annual state meeting in Hot Springs for helping on the Oral History Committee. Special thanks was extended to Hartley and Kealer for the club representation at AEHC display at Farmers Market held at Saracen Landing.

Members were reminded of important dates:

Monday — Registration deadline for Fellowship Tour scheduled for July 27. This tour will include members attending the Arts and Science Center drama “Hairspray”.

July 9 — Bingo at Garden Point for Camden Road EHC members. (County Project)

July 26 — Christmas in July annual event will be held at Jefferson County Extension Office this year.

July 31 — Registration for Fellowship Tour Aug. 3, to attend the annual “Rice Expo” event held in Stuttgart

Aug. 4 — Countywide picnic. This will also be the deadline to turn in Holiday Foods recipes. This year’s theme “100th Year Celebration.”

Sept. 29 — Clubs are scheduled to work exhibit hall for crafts.

Oct. 8 — Holiday Foods will be a one-day event this year. This requires pre-registration.

Nov. 7-9 — Mountain View Fellowship Tour. This requires pre-registration.

Dec. 7 — Salvation Army Luncheon. This requires pre-registration.

Dec. 7 — Volunteer at the Enchanted Land of Lights and Legends display at Regional Park.

Members are asked to keep in mind they are responsible for craft workshop scheduled Oct. 25 and January 2013 at JCEHC office. Neighbor to Neighbor food donations collected. Pennies for friendship collected.

New officers elected for the next two-year term included Sumner, president; Hartley, vice president; Cox, secretary, and Kealer, treasurer.