The White Hall Willing Workers met recently at the White Hall Public Library.

The White Hall Willing Workers met recently at the White Hall Public Library.

President Cheri Aronowitz welcomed members present and opened the meeting. She read the Thought for the Month — An old man on his death bed once said he had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which hadn’t happened. She also read the handy hint — For a healthy brain, stay active and make friends. The inspiration for the month was given by Aronowitz from James 1:5 – If any lack wisdom, let him ask of God…and it shall be given.

Roll call was presented to the question: “How do you practice mental fitness?”

The program was presented by Peggie Barbaree on “A Healthy Brain At Any Age”.

Barbaree passed out a risk inventory for older individuals on dementia. The inventory includes many risk factors for developing intellectual loss with aging. There are many reasons why people develop dementia especially Alzheimer’s disease. Genetics plays some role in the development of dementia; however, health problems and life choices may also play some role in developing this disease. The inventory checklist includes questions such as, Do I have high blood pressure; Do I eat a poor diet; Have I had a stroke; Am I a mental couch potato who rarely reads or learns new facts. Peggie also passed out the AFA 12 Warning Signs for Dementia and the Ten Commandments of Preventing Dementia. A very important ingredient for preventing dementia is to use your brain — play games, games and more games!

During the business segment of the meeting the following reports were given:


• The group had a dress-making workshop and has 25 dresses. These will be given to Patsy Johnson and sent to a missionary in Africa.

• Ten stroke vests were ready to be delivered to Jefferson Regional Medical Center.

• There will be a knit material cap county workshop on March 15at the Extension Office.

• The group will collect cereal at the next meeting to be taken to the food pantry.

• There will be a club workshop at 9 a.m. March 31 at Redfield Library to make aprons. Catherine Atkinson will lead this workshop. Items needed will include one yard solid and one yard contrasting material, two decorative buttons, needle, thread and sewing machine.

• On March 12 a sewing workshop will be held at Barbaree’s home starting at 10 a.m. to sew dolls.

Education — Jo Ann Carr reported that the Parliamentary Procedure Workshop would be held March 6 at the Extension Office.

Cookies – Carr reported that cookies were delivered for Valentine’s Day.

Dates to remember:

March 14 — AEHC Officers Training Workshop at the 4-H Center at Ferndale

March 15 — County craft workshop at the Extension Office from 9:30 a.m. to noon

March 29 — Fellowship tour to Garvan Woodland Gardens.

May 1 — Spring council potluck at the Extension Office with registration at 9:30 a.m.

Other members present included Catherine Atkinson, Alex Bohannan, Lena Bohannan, Patsy Glover, Sue Heinze, Sarah Hester, Patsy Johnson, Dee Kindrick, Brynn Koschel, Sarah Payton and Marnette Reed.

The next meeting of the White Hall Willing Workers will be held at 7 p.m. March 27at the White Hall Public Library.

Those interested in learning more about Extension Homemakers, may call any member or the Extension Office at 870-534-1033.