"Turbo Charge Your Happiness" was the theme for the evening at the recently held monthly meeting of the Beta Chi Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. Charlotte Garrett served as hostess for the event.

“Turbo Charge Your Happiness” was the theme for the evening at the recently held monthly meeting of the Beta Chi Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. Charlotte Garrett served as hostess for the event.

Vickie McDaniel, educational director, presented the program on happiness and giving your mood a makeover that lasts. She stressed that it is very important this time of the year to stay upbeat. Many times after the holidays and with dark gloomy days of weather, we have a tendency to want to pull the cover over our heads and drift away. She stated that learning a new skill or starting a new hobby is the perfect thing to do right now. Taking up a new activity revs circulation to your brain which helps lower your risk of stroke, according to the Journal of Happiness Studies.

Another suggestion out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston is to turn off all your electronic gadgets, such as TV, computer, e-reader, etc., before you doze off. The hospital study shows that exposure to artificial light while you sleep disrupts your body’s internal clock, blocking you from getting deep sleep. An hourlong snooze is refreshing also and increases activity in the area of the brain that promotes positive feelings.

McDaniel also pointed out that by naming your negative feelings helps you get a handle on them, triggering feelings of happiness immediately. And to feel even better, try meditating 10 minutes every day. Adding zinc to your medications also helps by regulating melatonin and serotonin, hormones that help ease anxiety. Like zinc, Vitamin D boosts levels of the happy hormone serotonin. You can get your daily dose of D by spending 10 minutes a day in the sun without sunscreen. Egg yolks, chocolate and olive oil are great mental boosters as well. Egg yolks suppress stress. Chocolate lifts levels of happy hormones and olive oil protects the brain from inflammation and cell damage that can contribute to chronic crankiness.

Other quick tips were to pump up joy by chatting up strangers; feel happier at work by writing what you like about your job on a post it note and putting it where you can see it; boosts your marital bless by holding hands; color your hair lighter; wear pink, the most calming color; brush on a smile with blush; indulge yourself with treats; and turn up positivity with music.

Social chairman, Tammy Akines, announced that the Christmas dinner/social was enjoyed by all and another social will be in the works soon for March. Members were encouraged to seek new members for the chapter.

Philanthropic chairman, Deann Stewart, reported the chapter was closing in on $10,000 in monies and monetary donations this year. The chapter’s last project was shopping for five angels on the Salvation Army Angel Tree. Members brought paper goods for their monthly donation to the CASA House and will bring cleaning supplies and bed pillows the next two months to finish out the sorority year. It was announced that the chapter will be hosting the Friday night welcome party at the upcoming state convention to be held at Petit Jean State Park in April. A display of a camping site, complete with small trees, tent, sleeping bags, and a fire pit with marshmallows roasting, were shown for the table decorations, completing the theme for the event, “Camping Under the Stars”.

Plans were made for two members to attend the Spring State Council meeting at Malvern in March. The next meeting will be Feb. 7 in the Garrett home and anyone interested in joining the group should contact one of the members.