Edna Thomas Fenceroy, a native of Pine Bluff, recently released her book, "Minimizing Conflict through Restorative Conferencing."

Edna Thomas Fenceroy, a native of Pine Bluff, recently released her book, “Minimizing Conflict through Restorative Conferencing.”

“Minimizing Conflict through Restorative Conferencing” offers a peaceful and alternative framework on how to deal with conflict. It gives readers a precise step-by-step process to follow when facilitating or discussing issues of disagreement, which encourages participants to allow for the opinions of others while recognizing that perceptions are real but not necessarily factual. The aim of the restorative process is to inspire people to do what is best by being straightforward and accepting accountability for their actions. The dispute resolution approach offered in Fenceroy’s book is steeped in biblical moral principles.

Fenceroy was born at Pine Bluff and graduated from Merrill High School in 1961. She has a master’s degree in management; several certifications in conflict resolution: child protective service, public policy mediation, transformative mediation and Bible based mediation.

She is married to Warren Fenceroy, a real estate broker who attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has two sons, and both are licensed to practice law.

Fenceroy currently lives at Milwaukee and is a practicing mediator whose service is used to facilitate workplace disputes for the United States Postal Services and other businesses and organizations. She facilitates dispute resolution workshops and training for churches, organizations and personal relationships.

As a trained arbitrator, she arbitrated consumer disputes for the Dallas County Better Business Bureau while living in Texas. Fenceroy stated that her life’s priority is to inspire others to inspire others.

Fenceroy said her “passion for inspiring others to use their innate strength and power to make appropriate choices was an ever-present influence that comforted me as I wrote this book.”

“Minimizing Conflict through Restorative Conferencing” is now available and can be previewed at www.partnersinpece2.com.