Students at Star City High School are applying their artistic skills in hopes of earning college credit.

Students at Star City High School are applying their artistic skills in hopes of earning college credit.

Students in Roger Darren High’s advanced placement studio art course apply creative and technical art making skills in order to assemble a portfolio of artwork at the end of the year to submit to the College Board, a not-for profit association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity.

The student portfolios will be graded on quality of artwork, breadth, and concentration by a college, university and secondary school art instructors using rigorous standards. Students who score high enough will be awarded college credit for their performance.

The AP Studio Art College Board program provides the only national standard for performance in the visual arts that allows students to earn college credit and/or advanced placement while still in high school. The AP program is based on the premise that college-level material can be taught successfully to secondary school students.

The instructional goals of the AP Studio Art program include encouraging creative and systematic investigation of formal and conceptual issues, emphasizing making art as an ongoing process that involves the student in informed and critical decision making, helping students develop technical skills and familiarize them with the functions of the visual elements, an encouraging students to become independent thinkers who will contribute inventively and critically to their culture through the making of art.

The AP program is a rigorous academic program built on the commitment, passion and hard work of students and educators from both secondary schools and higher education. AP provides willing and academically prepared high school students with the opportunity to study and learn at the college level.

Through AP courses, talented and dedicated AP teachers help students develop and apply the skills, abilities and content knowledge they will need later in college. Each AP course is modeled upon a comparable college course, and college and university faculty play a vital role in ensuring that AP courses align with college-level standards.