The Willing Workers of White Hall met recently in the meeting room of White Hall Library for their regular meeting.

The Willing Workers of White Hall met recently in the meeting room of White Hall Library for their regular meeting.

Vice President Patsy Johnson presided and welcomed everyone and read the Thought of the Month, the Handy Hint and the inspiration. Jo Ann Carr called the roll, with members answering the question “Do you eat breakfast?”.

Members present were Catherine Atkinson, Peggie Barbaree, Johnson, Carr, Sarah Payton, Dee Kindrick, Karen Needler and Marnette Reed. Guests were Dalana Peterman and Mary Ann Kizer, family and consumer science agent.

Johnson thanked Reed for hosting the Christmas party at her home.

Carr presented the program on “Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast”. Everyone was given a handout showing how much food and what kind should go on your plate with foods from all food groups. A questionnaire was given to everyone, asking the time they ate last the day before, the time they first ate that day and the number of hours they went without eating. Information provided showed people who eat breakfast are significantly less likely to be obese and diabetic than those who usually don’t eat breakfast. Foods eaten away from home are higher in fat and sugar and lower in calcium and fiber than foods eaten at home.

Members were told that throughout the night, your body uses energy from the food you ate the day before. In the morning, your body needs a new supply of energy. We need to “break the fast” by eating. A healthful breakfast can help provide the energy and nutrients we need to start the day off well. Skipping breakfast means your body may go without a source of energy and nutrients for as long as 18 hours. Breakfast affects attention span, coordination and mental performance for both adults and children. Many adults experience a mid-morning “slump” if they skip breakfast. They feel tired, irritable and hungry. Adults who eat breakfast do better on the job and have fewer accidents.

Carr passed out a sample of a No Fat Granola that you could prepare ahead of time and take with you to eat in the car or at your desk at school or work. Tips given to make sure you have time to eat breakfast in the morning include: Set the table the night before; Mix the juice the night before; Set the alarm to ring 10 minutes earlier; Plan a “sack breakfast”, such as a muffin, a banana, granola and juice, etc.

Community Service – Barbaree reported there will be a workshop at the Extension Office to make cot sheets for UAMS Kids First. She advised the group to start making hats for Children’s Hospital and dolls. The group will start working on cancer caps when cot sheet project is completed. She reported the dolls presented to the ladies at White Hall Nursing Home for Christmas were a big hit. The group is still collecting coke tabs and pennies for friendship.

Education – Carr reported county craft workshop to make fabric flowers, table runner workshop in February and Card Making Workshop in March.

Atkinson reported she had hearts and decorations to work on door decorations for White Hall Nursing Home after the meeting.

Members decided to take cookies to different businesses in White Hall in appreciation of what they do for the community, which was to be done before Valentine’s Day. Birthdays of members with birthdays in January and February were to be celebrated Feb. 12 at El Parian Restaurant at White Hall. Those celebrating birthdays were Barbaree, Elizabeth Wall, Sue Heinze, Sara Hester, Haley Blevins and Brynn Koschel. The group was also scheduled to work the Home and Garden Show at the Pine Bluff Convention Center.

Refreshments of spinach dip, egg brunch casserole, fruit medley, butter babies, four layer delight and cookies were furnished by Carr and Reed.

The club meets on the fourth Tuesday night of each month. For more information about Extension Homemakers, contact any member or Kizer at 870-534-1033.