Willing Workers of White Hall Extension Homemakers Club met recently at the Redfield Library for their regular meeting.

Willing Workers of White Hall Extension Homemakers Club met recently at the Redfield Library for their regular meeting.

President Cheri Aronowitz welcomed everyone and read the thought. Vice president, Patsy Johnson, led the Homemaker’s Creed. Aronowitz read the handy hint and the inspiration.

Members answered the roll call by telling what their oldest piece of jewelry is. Members present were Aronowitz, Catherine Atkinson, Peggie Barbaree, Johnson, Jo Ann Carr, Karen Needler, Shannon Keele, Haley Blevins, Sarah Payton, and Marnette Reed. Elizabeth Wall was a guest. Secretary Patsy Glover was absent. Reed presented a copy of the treasurer’s report to the president.

Payton presented the program on Vintage Accessories. Wall and Keele brought jewelry for members to look at. Payton showed several different articles of clothes that could be brought up to date by adding scarves, belts or pieces of jewelry. She showed a dress her mother had made for her when she was 6 years old. She passed out a handout and gave tips on where and how to find used goods. To be antique the item should be 100 years old. Vintage and estate sales and yard sales are good places to look for antiques. The saying is if you keep it long enough it will come back in style. Consignment stores, once referred to as second-hand stores, provide you an opportunity to regain part of your fashion investment. Learn the store policies before you leave your items. A perfect wardrobe should contain 60 percent classic pieces, 20 percent basics, and 20 percent trendy items.

Special Leader Reports:

Community Service: Barbaree reported Coke tabs and some cancer caps had been turned in. Need work day to finish dolls for Christmas and also to work on wreaths for the nursing home. She also discussed decorations for nursing home doors and set date of Nov. 30 to work on dolls at Barbaree’s home. A tentative date of Nov. 28 was set to work on wreaths at White Hall Library. Aronowitz was to check with library for availability. Knitted caps will be taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital on Dec. 14 any time between 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Leadership: Johnson reminded members to be careful on I-530 with all the road construction.

Education – Carr reminded members of upcoming workshops.

Atkinson reported Sara Hester was doing better and that she said to tell everyone she really appreciated everything the cards, foods, etc.

Business: Barbaree will donate a blue and white afghan to be used for Christmas project to buy food for the food pantry.

Christmas Council will be Dec. 11. White Hall Willing Workers are in charge of registration.

Christmas meeting will be at Reed’s home on December 18, and there will be an apron exchange.

After the meeting everyone enjoyed refreshments of chicken spaghetti, slaw, garlic bread, apple cake, Symphony brownies and cookies. Then cookies that members brought were spread out on a table and everyone filled a container to take home and enjoy.

Anyone interested in learning more about Extension Homemakers, should call any member or the Extension Office at 870-534-1033