MONTICELLO – Invasive pests cost the U.S. an estimated $130 billion in damage and

MONTICELLO – Invasive pests cost the U.S. an estimated $130 billion in damage and

preventative measures every year, and information is the best defense, according to the

Arkansas Forest Resources Center, which has just launched a website, ,

dedicated to managing these destructive pests of our forests.

Examples of destructive invasives already in Arkansas include the red imported fire ant, kudzu

and gypsy moths.

“We have two primary goals with this web site,” said Jon Barry, an extension forester for the

University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. “First, we want to make people more

aware of the problems caused by invasive pests. That $130 billion a year estimate is growing as

old pests spread and new pests arrive.”

Managing these pests starts with being able to identify the pests, know the damage they can do,

and what can be done to halt their spread.

“If invasive pests bug you, use this website as a resource to learn more about them,” Barry said.

The second goal for the website “is to recruit and train qualified people who can serve as an

early warning system for invasive pests in Arkansas,” he said. “If you work in the fields and

forests of Arkansas and would like to serve as a field spotter, please watch this web site for

announcements about training opportunities. Arkansas needs you.”

The site launched Oct. 1.

“ is focused on six forest invasive pests that may threaten Arkansas in the

future, but also includes information about invasive pests already in Arkansas,” Barry said. “We

will be continually updating the web site and adding new information and new invasive pests, so

drop by often and see what is new.”

For more information about the Arkansas Forest Resources Center, visit http:// or contact your county extension office.

The Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service offers programs to all eligible persons without discrimination.