Terminology for work and materials used:

Terminology for work and materials used:

Arkansas One Call: The state of Arkansas requires a one call before digging begins on many of our roads and ditches. A one call is where the different utilities locate their lines where the work is to be done. When the lines and pipes of the utilities are located, they are marked so as to alert Jefferson County employees not to dig in that area.

SB2: Large gray gravel used on roads. When bladed 4-5 inches in depth and watered, it makes a good road and stabilizes the base.

Cold Mix: Asphalt used for patching potholes. It is made to not absorb a lot of moisture because it would not last long if water stands on it.

Hot Mix: Asphalt used to overlay roads.

CRS2: The oil used to chip seal a road. You spray the CRS2 onto the road, spread chips on it and roll it with a steel wheel roller.

Calcium: Sprayed onto bridges and roads to melt snow and ice. Also used on gravel roads to control dust.

Rip Rap: Large rock used for washouts on ditch banks and around the ends of culverts. Rip is sometimes used as a sub base for new roads if there is a lot of water underground.

The Roads that were repaired by the Jefferson County Road Department last week are as follows:

July 26

Bridge Crew: A tree was cut out of the road on Ferda Road. A form from the side rail on the bridge on Blue Rock Road was removed.

Patching Crew: Filled potholes with cold mix on Hickory Road, Dogwood Forrest Drive, Curtis Road, Stewart Road, Misty Creek Road, Surfside Road and Cascade Drive.

Culvert Crews and Heavy equipment Operators: A culvert was installed on Kingswood Estates and covered with SB2.

Truck Drivers: Hauled three loads of cold mix to Wabbaseka. Hauled SB2 to fix the shoulder of the road on Claud Road.

Grader Operators: Graded Reba Lane, McEntire Road, Lincoln County Line Road, Altheimer Cemetery Road, Gilliand Road and Wiley Road. Graded Lanni Lane, fixed the turn around on the road and spread SB2. Graded and spread 96 yards of SB2 on Wilson Road.

Boom Mower Crew: The grass was cut in the ditches on Noble Lake Road and Blackwell Road. The grass was cut around the curve on Pleasant Drive.

Sign Shop: A mailbox was put up on Kingswood Estate Road. A road sign was put up on Jacks Road. A stop sign and road sign were put up at Hackwood Drive and put stop sign up at Driftwood Drive.

July 27

The parking lot of the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Health Department was patched, and potholes on Grider Field-Ladd Rad, Irene, Malland and Teal Drive were filled.

July 29

Bridge Crew: Checked pilings on bridge on Reynolds Road. Drove new pilings and put rip rap on the northeast end.

Patching Crew: Reydell area patching potholes.

Culvert Crew and Heavy Equipment Operators: Repaired section of Celia Road.

Truck Drivers: Hauled SB2 to Wilson Road and hauled dirt from ditching on Grider Field Road. Sprayed for mosquitos on Trulock Bay, McFadden, Fletcher and Oliver roads.

Grader Operators: Graded County Line, Wilson, G. L. Davis and Kilcrease roads.

Boom Mower Crew: Mowed Knotts Island, Noble Lake, St. Paul, Linwood Fire Department, Ramick, Tall Pine, Tall Oak and Tall Timber roads.

Sign Shop: Placed signs on Jacks and Curtis Road and Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Health Department. Placed one call on Springlake Road. Picked up signs on Ramick Road and picked up barrels on Sunny Lane. Flagged traffic on Middle Warren Road.

Environmental Officer: Checked areas on Ramick, Peyton, Ryburn, Old Warren, Sorrells, Burgess, Forrest Oak, Kilcrease, Whiteville, Gibbins, Donham and Gaddy Koonce Roads for illegal dumping.

July 30

Bridge Crew: Repaired headwall on bridge on Reynolds Road.

Patching Crew: Patched potholes on Hannabery Lake Road, Irene, Nolino and Lyanna drives and Teal Road.

Culvert Crew and Heavy Equipment Operators: Helped repair bridge on Reynolds Road, dirt work on Wright Lane, put rip rap around culvert on Middle Warren Road and removed tree limbs from Webster Road.

Truck Drivers: Hauled dirt and SB2 to crews on roads off Irene Drive and the dirt removed from ditches on Chaney and Byrd Roads.

Grader Operators: Graded McEntiree, Grider Field, Richmond Core, Maynard, Fisher-Adams, Roverside and Archer roads.

Ditching Crew: Cut ditches on Chaney and Byrd roads.

Boom Mower Crew: Mowed Knotts Island, Linwood Fire Department, Farm Lane and Ramick roads.

Sign Shop: Put up sign on Springlake Road and Trulock Bay Road. Cleaned around the signs on Earl Chadick Road and flagged traffic on Middle Warren Road.

Environmental Officer: Checked Quail Meados, Harmony Church, Peaceful Valley, Rob Roy, Embry, Harlan, Spencer, Poplin, Edgar, Hilton, Louise, Rosa, Fites and Donaldson roads for illegal dumping.

July 31

Bridge Crew: Checked bridges on Noble Lake Road.

Culvert Crew: Cleaned out pipe in Cornerstone and picked up and delivered water to Altheimer.

Truck Drivers: Hauled SB2 from Little Rock to the Road Department and helped move tire chips at the Jefferson County Tire Shredder facility.

Grader Operators: Grader Grider Field, Wright and Reydell roads.

Ditching Crew: Cleaned ditches on Grider Field Road.

Boom Mower Crew: Mowed in Cornerstone area and Rayhan Road.

Sign Shop: Replaced stop sign and road sign on Hixson Circle. Took two signs down on Trulock Bay Road. Replaced mail box on Miles Road. Placed one call on Stewart Road and worked in sign shop making signs.

Environmental Officer: Checked Spears, Tank, Moss, Todd Lynn, Worthen, Forrest, Liska, Bobwhite, Willis and Boys School roads for illegal dumping.

Aug. 1

Bridge Crew: Worked removing debris and trees from bridge on Noble Lake Road and Alxeander Brown Road.

Patching Crew: Patched potholes in Reydell area, Celia, Mallard and Wheeler Chapel roads.

Culvert Crew and Heavy Equipment Operators: Checked pipe on Harmony Church Road. Measured for culverts on South Evans and Grider Field roads. Picked up and delivered water to Altheimer.

Truck Drivers: Hauled dirt to Wabbaseka.

Grader Operators: Graded Old Star City Highway, Sultana, Koenig, Morrow, Mitchell, Bennett, Johnnie, Leslie, Lessell, Archer, Whiteaker and Morris Chapel roads.

Boom Mower Crew: Mowed Ferguson and Via Lanes, Morgan, Summitt, Luckwood and Linwood Fire Department roads.

Sign Shop: Worked in the shop making new signs and helped deliver water to Altheimer.

Environmental Officer: Checked South McKinney, Earl Chadick, Morris Chapel, Mitchell, Pipkin-Glover, Lessell, Horseshoe, Lockett, Watkins, Joe T. Henslee, Archer, Watkins and Morrow Roads for illegal dumping.

Jefferson County Recycling Report

Took in 11 tire boxes, seven paper boxes and two trash boxes.

Brought in three trash trailers, took out three trash trailers.

Jefferson County brought in 36.24 tons of tires.

Get Rid of It/Waste Management brought in 45 tons of tires.

Picked up two trash boxes from Wright.

Took one trash box to Sulphur Springs Community.

Picked up recycling from courthouse.