Jefferson County Road Department

Jefferson County Road Department

The roads that were repaired by the Jefferson County Road Department for the week of July 8 through July 12 are as listed:

July 8

• Bridge crew — The right of way was cut on Ryburn Road. Set form around the pile for concrete at the bridge on the Altheimer East Road. The debris and trees were cut from around the bridge and the area was sprayed with Round Up on Crossett Road, Princeton Pike and Providence Road.

• Patching crew — Filled potholes on Snyder Road, Riverside Road and Island Harbor Road using nine yards of SB2 and cold mix.

• Culvert crews and heavy equipment operators — A one-call report was made for Webb Road.

• Truck drivers — Hauled SB2 from Little Rock to the Jefferson County Road Department.

• Grader Operators — Graded Cornerstone Road, Sweden Road, Swan Lake Recreational Road and Swan Lake Road. A section of Kilcrease was ground up so it could be repaired.

• Boom mower crew — Herbicide was sprayed around bridges and signs to kill the weeds and trees on Mail Route Road, Carter Road, Davis Place, White Hall Saddle Club, Reynolds, Quail Creek, Wilderness, Dogwood, Oates Road, Kimmel Road, Chaney, Whispering Oaks, Bud Road and Cherry Wood Road.

• Sign shop — Reflections were put out on Rob Roy Road and signs were made for the Tucker area. A one-way sign and a stop sign were placed on the courthouse parking lot.

• Environmental officer — Checked for illegal dumping on Olloway Road, Ashley Road, Wayne, Stone, German Springs, Bruce Trail, Stardust Road, Moss Road, Tank Road, Claud Road, Jo Ann Drive, Walters Road, Nesby Road and Longleaf Road.

July 9

• Bridge crew — Concrete was poured around the piles under the bridges on Altheimer East Road. Fourteen bags of ready mix were used for the job. The right-of-way was cut on Culp Road, Sorrells Road and Sailor Road.

• Patching crew — Filled potholes with cold mix on Furguson Road, Ferda Road, Blue Rock Road, Reed Lake Road, Pinebergen, Gibb Anderson, Kingwood Estate and Princeton Pike.

• Culvert crew and heavy equipment crew — Picked up trash on sides of the roads and ditches.

• Grader operators — Graded St. Peters Cemetery Road, Morgan Road, Cantrell and County Farm Road.

• Boom mower crew — Herbicide was sprayed around the courthouse parking lot, maintenance building and railroad museum. The grass was cut in the Altheimer area.

• Sign shop — Signs were put up on Vine Street, Rice Street, Furrow Street, N. Park Street, Cotton Street and Beale Street in Tucker. A stop sign was up on N. Park Street. Arkansas 256 and Earl Chadick Road were checked for missing signs. A stop-ahead sign and dangerous intersection sign were replaced on Dyson Road and Camden Cut Off Road that had been vandalized. Checked bridges on Pinebergen Road, Wilber West Road, Jefferson-Lincoln County Road for graffiti.

• Environmental officer inspected area — Worked with new employee getting him familiar with the county roads.

July 10

• Bridge crew — Checked bridges in the Wabbaseka area. The right of way was cut on Sorrells Road.

• Patching crew — Filled potholes on Golden Lane and Reed Lake Road using cold mix for patching.

• Culvert crew — Checked roads and ditches in the Wright area for problems that might cause flooding. Trying to catch it in time to prevent flooding.

• Grader operators — Grader Cantrell Road, Blackwell Road and Ellison Road.

• Ditching crew — Cut ditches on Chandler Road.

• Boom mower crew — The grass was cut on Pinebergen Road, Kinswood Estates Drive, Gilliand and Kilcrease.

• Mechanic shop — A complete service job was done on a 2007 Chevy pickup Z/71 4x4. One injector cleaner and one PF 48 oil filter were replaced and six quarts of oil were used. One rislone oil treatment on a flat 16-inch.

• Environmental officer — Checked for illegal dumping in the Reydell, Cornerstone, Altheimer, Wabbaseka, U.S. 425, U.S. 65 South area, Atkins Lake Road, Arkansas 104, Martha Lane, Crofford Lane, Pine Creek Lane and Wallace Drive.

July 11

• Bridge crew — Removed form from the piles at the bridge on Altheimer East Road. The right of way was cut on the Ray Road and Hyla Road.

• Culvert crew — Had to move the excavator from White Hall to the Jefferson County Road shop. Removed a tree that was down on Gibb Anderson Road.

• Grader operator — Graded Garrett, Crompton Road, Cottonwood Church Road and Harvey Road.

• Sign shop — A sign was put up on Cactus Trail. Painted over the graffiti on the bridge on Sell Davis Road. Put sign up on St. Mary Catholic Church Road. Checked mileage sign on Old Warren Road for special project. Checked the signs in the Redfield area and worked in the sign shop making signs for the Redfield area.

• Environmental officer — Checked for illegal dumping on Moore Road, Liska Drive, Butram Road, Bobwhite Road, N. Evans Road, Princeton Pike Road, Wally Road, Hardin Road North, Curly Road, Pony Trail, Kristi Drive, Fites Road and Spears Road.

The Jefferson County Road Department has a mechanic shop that does various mechanic jobs on the county’s heavy equipment as well as cars and trucks that belong to Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Recycling Report

• Brought in eight tire boxes, 11 paper boxes

• Took eight trash boxes totaling 34.48 tons to Waste Management

• Sent three trash trailers out, took three trash trailers in

• Jefferson County brought in 44.49 tons of tires

• Get Rid of It/Waste Management brought in 70.35 tons of tires

• Cross magnet on the No. 2 machine had a slack drum crack; it was removed and taken to Northside Machine Shop to be fixed; will have machine back online by the end of the week

• Sent a work order in the Department of Correction to dismantle the Watson Chapel Fire Department to be relocated.