Weekly County Road Department, Sanitation and Recycling Report

Weekly County Road Department, Sanitation and Recycling Report

March 22

• Bridge Crew: Checked bridges on Vaugine Road and Richmond Core Road. Trees and debris were cut around the bridge.

•Bridge Crew: Cleaned leaves out of ditches on McKelvin Road.

• Culvert Crews: Cleaned out the culverts on McFadden, Wabbaseka Road, Maynard, Fisher, Richmond Core, North Pack, Gilliand, State Farm Road and Earl Chadick Road.

• Heavy Equipment Operators: Checked culvert drainage and cleaned out leaves in culverts on Sorrells Road, Hyatt, Augusta, Ray, Old Warren, Middle Warren, North Evans, Champ, West Holland, Monk, Bird Song, Stokes, Sweeney, Kenley, Todd Lynn, Hardinwood, Donaldson Drive, Hardin Road North, Louise Drive, Poplin, Richard Alan, Castro, Lee Berry, Stowe, Ashley and Earl Chadick Roads. On Country Lane a tree that was growing in a ditch had to be cut.

• Truck Drivers: Cleaned out pipe off of Highway 270 and Highway 425 area.

• Grader Operators: Cleaned out pipe in Jefferson and Swan Lake.

• Ditching Crews: Cleaned out ditches on Mabry and Wabbaseka Road.

• Mowing Crews: Cleaned out culverts on Old Warren Road.

• Sign Shop: Made two signs to be donated to the city of Wabbaseka for the city park. Put road sign and stop sign back up at Belmont and Abernathy Road. Put bridge posting sign back up on Belmont. Made signs to be put up in Wright.

• Environmental Officer: Inspected areas and checked for illegal dumping on Lab Road, Refuge, Huntley Trail, Robinson, Presidents Circle, Granger Road, Miles Drive, Wayne, Ashley, Olloway, Laura, Stowe and Elkins Road.

March 25

• Bridge Crew: Checked bridges on Sell Davis and Ferda Road, Cut right of way on Ferda Road.

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Raymick Road, Redell, Hannaberry Road. Patched pot holes on Boys School Road, Walls Road, Longleaf, Mae Road, Dawson, Reed Road, Double L Road, Jeffery, O’Mary Drive, Kenneth Drive, Albritton, South Evans and Azalea.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled gravel from Little Rock to the road department. Hauled gravel to Richmond Core Road and Swan Lake Levee.

•Grader Operators: Graded County Line Road, Morgan Road, Natalie and Grapevine. Graded Providence Road, Deer Lane, Rado, Wallace, South G.L. Davis, North G. L. Davis, Natalie, Chandler, Baugh, Richmond Core, Webb, Shady Grove Church Road, Sell Davis Road, Swan Lake Recreational Road and spread gravel.

• Ditching Crew: Cleaned out ditch on Wabbaseka Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cleaned leaves out of ditches on Sell Davis and Ferda Road. Mowed ditches on Quattlebaum, Joe T. Hensley, Earl Chadick and Tucker Park.

• Sign Shop: Took signs off Quattlebaum Road to close bridge. Painted over graffiti on Camden Cut Off, Made and put up Morrow Road sign in Wright. Made and put up Fisher Adams Road sign in Wright. • Environmental Officer: Checked for illegal dumping on Wilbur West Road, McDonley, Deep Bayou, Potpourri, Hale, Crofford Road, Fairfield, Chalmette, Paper Mill Road and Osborn Road.

March 26

• Bridge Crew: Checked bridges on Woods Roads and Red Hall Road. On Danaher Road, trees were cut and debris was cut back from around the bridge and cut right of way on the road. Also cut brush at the bridge on Sell Davis Road.

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Hannaberry, Spring Lake Road, Robinson and Jefferson Parkway in the Industrial Park.

• Culvert Crew and Heavy Equipment Operators: Installed a culvert on Kesterson and Stratton.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled gravel from Little Rock to the Wright area, White Hall Saddle Club Road and Maynard Road.

• Grader Operators: Graded roads in the Wright area, McEntire Road, Samuel Road, White Hall Saddle Cllub Road, Carter Road, Lampkin Road, Stedham and Morrison Road. Graded Maynard Road and spread gravel on the road. Also graded Morris Chapel Road, Mitchell Road and half of Huntley Trail.

• Boom Mower Crew: Mowed ditches on Meadow View, Wood Road, Red Hall Road and cleaned out a pipe on Hunter. Picked up leaves out of the ditches on Old Warren Road, Middle Warren Road, Village Drive, Country Lane, Sorrells Road and Gaddy Koonce.

• Sign Shop: Put signs on Highway 15 and Highway 79 north to alert traffic that the bridge was out and the road was closed and no through traffic. Put stop sign on barricade at the bridge on Quattlebaum Road on both sides of the road.

• Environmental Officer: Inspected Herring Road, Kristi, Pony Trail, Curley Road, Summers Road, Webster, Lambert, Rankin, Guenther, Mitchell, Peek Road, East Vaugine and Jim Ford Road for illegal dumping

March 27

• Bridge Crew: Checked bridges on Mitchell Road, Watkins, Earl Chadick, Woods Road, Red Hunter and cut trees and debris from around the bridges. Cut right of way at the bridge approach on Wood Road.

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes across the river and on Island Harbor and McKenney Road.

• Culvert Crew: Unstopped a pipe on Shannon Petty Road, Atkins Lake, Mabry and Garrett Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled gravel from Little Rock to Maynard Road.

• Grader Crews: Graded Jacks Road, McEntire, Jed Road, Middle Warren, Reynolds, Hartley Road. Picked up leaves in the Wright area. Graded and spread gravel in the Jefferson area and on Maynard and Riverside Road. Graded Sell Davis Road, Carlee, Brockman, Wishborn Farm Road and Watkins Road.

• Ditching Crew: Cleaned out ditches on Jay Lynn Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Picked up leaves and limbs on Ray, Middle Warren, Sorrells, Culp, Divoky Road, Cowboy Lane and River Road in Redfield.

• Sign Shop: Cleaned graffiti off a sign on Divoky Road. Made and put up a road sign on Divoky Road. Replaced stop sign on Divoky Road. Replaced damaged stop sign on Dyson Road. Put up dangerous intersection sign on Camden Cutoff and Dyson Road. Painted over graffiti on the bridge on Camden Cutoff and made and put up road sign on McKelvin and Camden Cutoff.

• Environmental Officer: Checked on illegal dumping on Richmond Core Road, West McKinney, Sims Road, North Pack Road, Wood Road, Bennett, Marion, Whites Lane, Morrow Road, Maynard, Fisher Adams, Surrat and Archer Road.

March 28

• Bridge Crew: Cranking drag line.

• Patching Crew: Pushed piles.

• Culvert Crew: Installed a pipe on Atkins Lake Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled gravel from Little Rock to Watkins Road.

• Grader Operators: Graded Watkins Road, Old Star City Road, roads in the Wright area, Fallis Lake Road, North Pack Road, Leslie Road, Johnnies Lane and Lockett Road.

• Ditching Crew: Cleaned around the culvert to open it up on Hixson Road.

• Sign Shop: Put signs up on Shannon Petty Road.

Sanitation and Recycling Report.

• Processed 78.15 tons of tires (156,300 pounds)

• Hauled in 14 tire boxes.

• Hauled in four paper boxes.

• Took out two trash trailers.

• Took in two trash trailers.

• Took in one trash box.