Road Department

Road Department

The roads that were repaired by the Jefferson County Road Department are as listed:

June 21

• Bridge crew — Repaired hole in road at the pipe where the road had washed out. Used five yards of SB2 to fill in hole.

• Patching crew — Filled the potholes on Blue Rock Road with 1.55 yards of cold mix.

• Culvert crews and heavy equipment operators — Worked at the new sheriff’s office leveling pad for generator.

• Truck drivers — Hauled hot mix to Rob Roy for road project.

• Grader operators — Graded Reba Lane, County Line Road and Kelly Road. Graded and plowed up Longbell. The water truck was used to soak the road and settle the dust.

• Boom mower crew — Mowed and cleaned up on Whiteville Road and Blue Rock Road.

• Sign shop — Neighborhood Watch signs were installed on Stewart Road and Sunny Lane. Worked in sign shop making signs.

June 24

• Bridge crew — Checked bridge on Alex Brown Road and sprayed Round-up at the bridge to kill the weeds. The debris was cut from around the bridge on McKinney Road and it was sprayed with Round-up to kill the weeds. The right-of-way was cut on Anderson Road, Fulkerson Road, Blocker Road and Welborn Road.

• Patching crew — Filled potholes on Blue Rock Road with 2 yards of cold mix.

• Culvert crew and heavy equipment crew — Removed the curb at the new sheriff’s office. Placed 10 yards of B-stone around the culvert on Pleasant Drive.

• Truck drivers — Hauled B-stone to Pleasant Drive to put on culvert.

• Grader operators — Graded Huntley trail, McEntire, Deep Bayou, Potpouri Road, Wolfe Road, Shingle Mill Road, Handley, Hunter Drive, Ryan Road and Craig Drive. Across the river, Walker Road and East Altheimer Road were graded. Still working on Longbell Road — plowed the road up and graded it.

• Ditching crew — Sprayed herbicide in the ditches and along the sides of the road to kill the weeds on Old Warren Road, Rayburn, Sorrows, Whiteville Road, Gaddy Koonce, Gibbins, Brown Cemetery Road, Kilcrease, Camden Cutoff Road, Dyson and McKevin Road.

• Sign shop — A Neighborhood Watch sign was placed on Stewart Road. A mailbox was replaced on Welborn Drive. Helped with traffic control at the new jail.

• Mechanic shop — Replaced on NTK oxygen sensor on a 2005 Chevy Suburban four wheel drive.

• Environmental officer inspected area — Checked for illegal dumping on Poplin Road, North Hardin Road, Edgar Road, Spencer Road, Louise Road, Rosa Drive, Fites Road, Donaldson Lane and Ellison Road.

June 25

• Bridge crew — Cut trees and debris away from bridge on Cantrell Road. Cut right-of-way on Whiteville Road. Put sign up at the bridge on Brunetti Road and put two loads of B-stone in low place in road on Richmond Core Road.

• Patching crew — Filled potholes on Blue Rock Road with 2.66 tons of cold mix.

• Culvert crew — Checked Cemetery Road off U.S. 425. Unstopped culvert on Mulberry Road.

• Truck drivers — Hauled SBW for road project on Rob Roy Road.

• Grader operators — Graded Hudson Road, Sunset Road, Terra Road, Huntley Trail, Nancy Cover, Jessica Drive, Byrd Road, Kimmel Road and Arrowhead Drive.

• Ditching crew — Cut ditches on Chandler Road. Sprayed ditches with herbicide to kill grass and weeds on Summit, Ferrgusson, Golden, Farm Lane, Rayhan, Ramick, Payton, Luckwood, Lowman, Shannon, Petty, Henderson, Lee Springs, Providence, Crossett, Huntley Trail, Samuel and Blythe Road.

• Boom mower crew — Grass was cut on Wilson Road, Grider Field Ladd road and Whiteville Road.

• Sign shop — Put speed limit sign off Camden Cutoff, put “slow — children at play” sign and speed limit sign back up on Camden Cutoff. Checked signs on Arkansas 133 and Arkansas 54. Picked up barrels on Sunny Lane and made signs in sign shop for Arkansas 133 and Arkansas 54.

June 26

• Bridge crew — The right-of-way was cut on Bradley Road, Benmore and Portwing Road. Removed beaver dam from pipe on Mulberry Road. Sprayed around the signs and bridges on Thomas Road, Boys Training School Road, Claud Road, Nesby, Mae Road, Butram, Marsell, Evans Road, Summers, Hardin Reed North, Pony Trail, Bruce Trail, Wampler Spur Road and Princeton Pike Loop.

• Patching crew — Filled potholes on Longbell and Richmond Core Road with 2. tons of cold mix. Filled a hole in the road on Richmond Core Road with red gravel. Filled potholes on South Ramick Road, Farm Lane, Luckwood Drive, Tall Pine Drive, Lowman Road, Henderson Road, Beechnut Drive, Sorrells Road, McKevin Road, Culp Road, Springlake Road, Dyson, Providence and Rayhan Road.

• Culvert crew — Used 28 yards of SB2 and BAB to repair Mt. Lebanon Cemetery Road.

• Truck driver — Hauled red gravel to Richmond Core Road to Spread. Hauled three loads of SB2 to Jefferson County Road Department.

• Grader operator — Graded Mayot Meto Recreation Road, Diary Lane, Hidden Lake Road, Sultana, McDonley, Princeton Pike Loop, Crossett Road, Webster Road, Lambert Road, Nesby, Adamson Road, Rick Road, Liska, Adam Road, Moring Road, Brantley Road and Koeing Road.

• Boom mower crew — Cut the grass on Gibb Anderson Road and Mulberry Grove Road.

• Sign shop — Put road sings up on Marta Lane, Dial Road, Aaron Road, Gwen Lane, Kankakee Drive and Fabry Road. Put Neighborhood Watch sing on Tranquility Lane.

• Mechanic shop — Repaired a 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis. Replaced the old cooling fan with a new one. One 12 oz. can of 134A refrigerant was put in the air conditioner.

• Environmental officer — Checked for illegal dumping on Jim Ford Road, Richmond Core Road, Webb Road, Shady Grove Church Road, North Pack Road, Morrow Road, Watkins Road, Bennett Road, Conley Road and Maynard Road.

June 27

• Bridge crew — Cut right-of-way on Kilcrease Road. The brush was cut away from the bridge on Whiteville Road.

• Patching crew — Filled potholes on Mitchell and Ferda Road with 2 tons of cold mix. Filled potholes on Providence Road, Kilcrease, Fergusson Road, Vine Road, Lee Springs Road and Whiteville Road.

• Culvert crew and heavy equipment operators — Repaired the wash-out around the culvert on Old Warren Road with seven yards of B-stone.

• Truck drivers — Hauled SB2 and red gravel from Little Rock to Richmond Core Road to spread on the road and hauled one load of B-stone to Old Warren Road and two loads of SB2 to the Jefferson County Road Department.

• Grader operators — Spread red gravel and SB2 on Richmond Core Road. Graded Summers Road, Ty Lane, Peaceful Valley Road, Sunny Drive, Elderwood Drive, Bayou Metro Recreation Road, Luckie and Hannaberry Lake Road.

• Ditching crew — Sprayed with herbicide around the signs and bridges on Mocking Bird Lane, Lake, Blue Jay, Elkins, Gorman Road, Eva Road, Forest Road, Moss Road, Ashley, Olloway, German Springs, Castro and Balwin Road.

• Mechanic shop — Complete service was done on a 2001 Chevy Pickup 2500 horse drive. One PF46 oil filter was replaced and six quarts of motor oil were used, as well as one injector cleaner and one quart of Rislone engine treatment.

• Environmental officer — Checked for illegal dumping on Clark, Thomas Road, Surratt Road, Archer Road, Riverside, Lockett, Morris Chapel Road, Trulock, Lessell Road, Forrest Drive and Camden Cutoff Road.

The Jefferson County Road Department has a mechanic shop that does various mechanic jobs on the county’s heavy equipment as well as cars and trucks that belong to Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Recycling Report

Brought in six tire boxes, two trash boxes, seven paper boxes and three trash trailers. Took out three trash trailers. Jefferson County brought in 33.19 tons of tires. Get Rid of It brought in 25.12 tons of tires. There was a cleanup on 13th Avenue. Bids for the new recyling center were prepared. A load of cardboard was sent to a recylcing processing plant.