Election Day 2012 in Jefferson County came and went relatively smoothly with only a couple of small hiccups reported by officials Tuesday.

Election Day 2012 in Jefferson County came and went relatively smoothly with only a couple of small hiccups reported by officials Tuesday.

The Jefferson County Election Commission contended with a delay in the release of complete election results and took care of a data download glitch from one polling site over the course of the evening at the Jefferson County Courthouse Tuesday night.

Jefferson County Election Coordinator Will Fox said that lines of voters at the Redfield and Altheimer polling sites as of the official 7:30 p.m. close kept those locations open until around 9 p.m.

“Once the polling sites closed, the poll workers had to go through the process of shutting down the machines and gathering the vote data,” Fox said. “Then they had to make their way to the courthouse to bring us the voter information which took additional time.”

Final unofficial results for Jefferson County were not released until around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Fox said that the Commission added several hundred votes to the total following the posting of the unofficial results after an audit of the election night vote tally found an oversight.

“We went back and did our audit report, which is part of the election night procedure, and found that there was a PEB [personal electronic ballot] that didn’t scan correctly so we finished the data download and adjusted the vote totals,” Fox said. “This is why the total counts released on election night are unofficial. We often need to make adjustments.”

Results in several contests

Election 2012 continues for three more weeks for candidates and voters in the race for Pine Bluff Ward 1 alderman and Pine Bluff City treasurer which will both be decided in Nov. 27 runoffs.

PB Alderman

Locally, the race for Ward 1 alderman has been narrowed down to Lloyd A. Holcomb Jr. who received 1,683 votes or 39.20 percent; and Alfred Carroll who received 1,297 votes or 30.21 percent.

Of the other three Ward 1 candidates, Jean Painton received 255 votes or 5.94 percent; Milton H. Jenkins received 749 votes or 17.45 percent; and Melanie D. Perkins received 309 votes or 7.20 percent.

Glen Brown and George Stepps, the incumbent aldermen of Ward 3 and Ward 4 respectively, handily won re-election outright.

Brown received 2,340 votes or 52.37 percent while challengers Ronnie Reynolds received 1,727 votes or 38.65 percent and Ramone Penister received 401 votes or 8.97 percent.

Stepps received 1,546 votes or 52.89 percent while challengers Fred Toney received 611 votes or 20.90 percent and Bruce Lockett received 766 votes or 26.21 percent.

City Treasurer

The City Treasurer’s race will end in a runoff between Janice L. Roberts who received 7,144 votes or 44.69 percent, and Greg Gustek who received 5,187 votes or 32.45 percent.

Lloyd A. Franklin Sr. received 3,655 votes or 22.86 percent.

PB Mayor

Debe Hollingsworth bested a field of nine challengers that included incumbent Carl A. Redus, Jr. to become the next mayor of Pine Bluff outright with no need for a runoff election.

Hollingsworth received 8,318 votes or 49.49 percent; Redus received 3,001 votes or 17.86 percent; Kent Broughton received 502 votes or 2.99 percent; Thelma Walker received 1,623 votes or 9.66 percent; Tim Whisenhunt received 78 votes or 0.46 percent; Clarence E. Davis received 1,001 votes or 5.96 percent; John James, Jr. received 459 votes or 2.73 percent; Peter F. Daniels, Jr. received 570 votes or 3.39 percent; and Steven Mays received 1,255 votes or 7.47 percent.

JP 8

The race for District 8 Justice of the Peace saw Republican Roy Agee pull out a win over Democrat Verdell Baker by a difference of 969 votes or 58.94 percent to 675 votes or 41.06 percent.

State Rep. Dist. 10

Democratic candidate Judge Mike Holcomb received 5.812 votes or 55.32 percent in his win over Republican candidate Charles Roberts who received 4,694 votes or 44.68 percent.

Jefferson County results showed Holcomb with 2,631 votes or 66.86 percent; and Roberts with 1,304 votes or 33.14 percent.

State Rep. Dist. 15

Republican candidate Ken Bragg received 6,701 votes or 62.13 percent in his defeat of Democratic candidate Charles Tadlock who received 4,084 votes or 37.87 percent.

In Jefferson County Bragg received 1,855 votes or 63.72 percent and Tadlock received 1,056 votes or 36.28 percent.

State Senate Dist. 25

Democratic candidate Senator Stephanie Flowers with 19,937 votes or 82.83 percent handily defeated Libertarian candidate David E. Dinwiddie who received 4,134 votes or 17.17 percent.

Jefferson County results showed Flowers with 15,438 votes or 82.46 percent; and Dinwiddie with 3,283 votes or 17.54 percent.

State Sen. Dist. 27

In an extremely close race Democratic candidate Rep. Bobby J. Pierce edged Republican Henry L. Frisby II with 15,790 votes or 50.46 percent and 15,502 votes or 49.54 percent respectively.

Jefferson County numbers showed Pierce with 4,388 votes or 63.68 percent; and Frisby with 2,503 votes or 36.32 percent.

U.S. Congress Dist. 1

Statewide returns gave Republican incumbent Congressman Rick Crawford 135,616 votes or 56.57 percent; Democratic candidate Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington 92,972 votes or 38.78 percent; Green candidate Jacob Holloway 4,894 votes or 2.04 percent; and Libertarian candidate Jessica Paxton 6,252 votes or 2.61 percent.

In Jefferson County Ellington received 327 votes or 67.15 percent compared to 130 votes or 26.69 percent for Crawford.

Holloway received 20 votes or 4.11 percent; and Paxton received 10 votes or 2.05 percent in Jefferson County.

U.S. Congress Dist. 4

Statewide results with 29 of 33 counties reporting Wednesday afternoon gives Republican candidate Tom Cotton the win with 152,644 votes or 59.51 percent; Democratic candidate Senator Gene Jeffress with 94,232 votes or 36.74 percent; Libertarian candidate Bobby Tullis with 4,898 votes or 1.91 percent; and Green candidate J. Joshua Drake with 4,726 votes or 1.84 percent.

The Jefferson County vote tally favored Jeffress who received 15,754 votes or 60.74 percent; over Cotton who received 9,450 votes or 36.44 percent.

Drake received 397 votes or 1.53 percent; and Tullis received 334 votes or 1.29 percent in Jefferson County.

Jefferson Couny Judge

Democratic candidate Dutch King received 19,065 votes or 73.22 percent and Republican candidate Ted Harden received 6,972 votes or 26.78 percent.

Jefferson Couny Sheriff

Incumbent Democratic candidate Sheriff Gerald Robinson received 18,592 votes or 69.27 percent; and Independent Roger McLemore received 8,246 votes or 30.73 percent.

Constable: Barraque

Republican James T. Smith with 578 votes or 68.65 percent, defeated Democrat Oscar Hunsaker, Jr. who received 264 votes or 31.35 percent.

Constable: Jefferson

Republican Scott A. Dunn with 515 votes or 62.73 percent, defeated Democrat Ronald D. Musgrove who received 306 votes or 37.27 percent.

Constable: Plum Bayou

Democrat Merlin Laws with 435 votes or 72.02 percent, defeated Republican Harvey Harrington, IV who received 169 votes or 27.98 percent.

Humphrey Ward 1 Position 2

Michael ‘Porky’ Hodges with 75 votes or 72.12 percent, defeated Sheri Flynn who received 29 votes or 27.88 percent.

Humphrey Ward 2 Position 2

Ronnie Carr with 65 votes or 60.75 percent, defeated Joseph D. McNeil who received 42 votes or 39.25 percent.

Humphrey Ward 3 Position 2

James D. ‘Jim’ Babb defeated Deward Barnes, Jr. by one vote, with Babb receiving 53 votes or 50.48 percent; and Barnes receiving 52 votes or 49.52 percent.

Altheimer Recorder/Treasurer

Zola Hudson with 215 votes or 54.99 percent defeated Charles Wesson with 67 votes or 17.14 percent and Melvie J. Washington Boston with 109 votes or 27.88 percent.

Altheimer Ward 1 Position 1

Calvin ‘Calbo’ Robinson with 235 votes or 61.84 percent defeated Jesse L. Culclager, Sr. who received 145 votes or 38.16 percent.

Altheimer Ward 1 Position 2

Linda Gipson with 230 votes or 58.23 percent defeated Cornelius Gaddy, Sr. who received 165 votes or 41.77 percent.

Altheimer Ward 2 Position 1

Samuel L. Kelley with 236 votes or 61.62 percent defeated Kim Love who received 147 votes or 38.38 percent.

Altheimer Ward 2 Position 2

Lester Hudson with 231 votes or 58.78 percent defeated Chuck Givens who received 93 votes or 23.66 percent and Travis. D. White, Sr. who received 69 votes or 17.56 percent.

Redfield Recorder/Treasurer

Rita K. Jackson with 330 votes or 62.03 percent defeated Beth Dial who received 202 votes or 37.97 percent.

Redfield Ward 1 Position 1

Glen Flemmons with 297 votes or 57.67 percent defeated Danny Dial who received 218 votes or 42.33 percent.

Redfield Ward 1 Position 2

Carol Eagle with 300 votes or 57.69 percent defeated Charles E. Derby who received 220 votes or 42.31 percent.

Redfield Ward 2 Position 1

Sandra G. Garrett with 358 votes or 67.55 percent defeated Brenda Carmical who received 172 votes or 32.45 percent.

Redfield Ward 2 Position 2

Larry O’Briant with 332 votes or 64.47 percent defeated Roben Brooks who received 183 votes or 35.53 percent.

Redfield Ward 3 Position 1

Diann Smith with 263 votes or 50.67 percent narrowly edged Deborah Houston who received 256 votes or 49.33 percent.

Redfield Ward 3 Position 2

Darrell Hedden with 324 votes or 61.71 percent defeated Adell Newton who received 201 votes or 38.29 percent.

Wabbaseka Alderman Position 3

Jeremy R. Golden with 85 votes or 56.29 percent defeated Teresa Sloan with 66 votes or 43.71 percent.

City of Redfield, AR Recall Election

For: 198 votes or 35.93 percent; against: 353 votes or 64.07 percent.

Issue No. 1

For: 587,977 or 58.25 percent; against: 421,372 votes or 41.75 percent.

Jefferson County only- for: 16,978 votes or 66.64 percent; against: 8,500 votes or 33.36 percent.

Issue No. 2

For: 421,220 or 43.42 percent; against: 548,914 votes or 56.58 percent.

Jefferson County only- for: 12,677 votes or 50.75 percent; against: 12,301 votes or 49.25 percent.

Issue No. 5

For: 499,324 votes or 48.53 percent; against: 529,504 votes or 51.47 percent.

Jefferson County only- for: 13,673 votes or 51.80 percent; against: 12,721 votes or 48.20 percent.