The Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library System's Board of Trustees listened to an assessment of its main branch's future options in a Thursday meeting.

The Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library Systemís Board of Trustees listened to an assessment of its main branchís future options in a Thursday meeting.

Fred Reed of the Reed Architectural Firm LTD here, assisted by designer and draftsman Leonard Zell, briefed the panel and Library Director Michael Sawyer on possibilities, including renovation of the current facility, constructing a new facility or relocating to an existing building.

The trustees did not make a decision on a course of action, but will consider such in a May meeting.

Reed said his assessment was formulated in part with input from library staff members, who related their views on various library needs. Among Reedís figuring were projections on creating a one-story library. The current facility, which dates back nearly 50 years, is spread over three floors as part of the Pine Bluff Civic Center.

Among the aims of Reedís projections were making the library more user-friendly to the physically handicapped and enhancing its offerings to young adults and teenagers.

The assessment included a comparison of option features. It also featured potential banner signage that could give the library stronger identification, especially if it should remain in its present location.

Reed said that during a recent visit to Philadelphia, he drove past a library and its hanging-banner signage immediately captured his attention. Sawyer said signage could aid not only in the local libraryís identification, but also in creating specific service and feature images it might wish to communicate.

Following Reedís and Zellís presentations, Sawyer and trustees exchanged opinions and ideas on the options.