The Watson Chapel School Board was asked Monday night to support new uniforms for the high school band.

The Watson Chapel School Board was asked Monday night to support new uniforms for the high school band.

At the board’s regular monthly meeting, band director Allen Wimberley said he would like to purchase uniforms from the Fruhauf company for a total of $42,000.

“White Hall and Dollarway are in the process of getting new uniforms and I say that because I want us to be just as good as the other districts in the area if not just a little bit better,” Wimberley said. “UAPB has used Fruhauf and our junior high band uniforms that are 19 years old are from Fruhauf.”

Wimberley said that the new uniforms would be primarily black so that they would be easier to keep clean.

“I want our concert band to be tuxedos for the boys and long dresses for the girls,” Wimberley said. “Purchasing these uniforms would kill two birds with one stone because after you remove a few of the items on the marching band uniform you have a smart jacket that can be used for concert band.”

Wimberley said that he envisions handing down the old high school uniforms to the junior high school to replace that school’s older uniforms.

District superintendent Danny Hazelwood asked whether the band could do anything to help raise the funds.

“Our band parents do a lot,” Wimberley said. “We are going to have a fundraiser after spring break to raise money for our end of year trip to Magic Springs but I can’t raise $42,000.”

Wimberley said that he expected to have 75 students in the band next year.

Hazelwood said that he will eventually make a determination on the request after he receives input from members of the board.

“The board doesn’t have to vote on this but I know that they will talk to me about this,” Hazelwood said.

In other business, the board approved the February financial report, with $2,101,383.70 received and $2,320,553.64 spent, leaving an ending balance of $8,03,246.33.

The board approved the calendar for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Hazelwood said that the only real difference for the new calendar versus the current calendar is the first day of school.

“School will start on Aug. 20, which is five days later than this year,” Hazelwood said. “This will push us back to May 29th for the last day of the year.”

The board approved personnel recommendations from Hazelwood that included the hiring of Jearldean Anders, Diana Walker and Brandy Vincent as substitute cafeteria workers; Stephen Taylor Price as a junior high science teacher; Jessica Heird as an elementary PE teacher; Shelba Bradford as a data entry clerk at the adult education office; and Valerie Manley-Penix and June “Beth” Vilches as elementary school teachers for the 2012-2013 academic year.