RISON — Jack Hopson won the treasurer's race while John Reed captured the coroner's race in the only two county-wide races held during Tuesday's primary election.

RISON — Jack Hopson won the treasurer’s race while John Reed captured the coroner’s race in the only two county-wide races held during Tuesday’s primary election.

Meanwhile, all three sitting members of the Kingsland City Council retained their seats after fending off challengers in Tuesday’s primary.

Hopson and Reed, who are both from the “Y” community, garnered victories in the Democratic Primary. Since neither has a Republican opponent for the general election Nov. 6, they have both secured their respective offices. Their terms will begin Jan. 1, 2013.

Hopson defeated Tommy Butcher, also of the “Y” community, by a vote of 778-457. That equated to 63 percent of the votes cast.

A native of New Edinburg, this is Hopson’s second elected office to hold. He previously served on the New Edinburg School Board for 20 years.

Reed defeated Scott Newman of Calmer by a 798-421 margin, which equates to 65 percent of the vote. Reed will be stepping down as District 4 Justice of the Peace on the Cleveland County Quorum Court to accept the coroner’s position at the end of the year. This will be the second time for Reed to serve as coroner.

Kingsland Races

Kingsland city government saw the most active election cycle it has seen in several years when three of the four sitting council members — Sharon Crosby, Lee Penister and Marvin Crain — all had challengers.

Kingsland City Council members serve two-year terms. The mayor’s position was not up for re-election in this cycle.

Penister and Crain are both long-time members of the council. Crosby was appointed to the council about two months ago to fill the unexpired term of her husband, James Crosby, who resigned from the office for health reasons.

Crosby defeated Helen Browning-Wood, 29-22, for the District 1, Position 1 seat on the Kingsland City Council.

Penister and Crain both won by comfortable margins.

Penister beat his challenger, Nicholas Bennett, by a 32-19 vote (63 percent) while Crain retained his seat by defeating Joyce Lum 34-12 (74 percent).

Other County Races

In other Democratic Primary, Jason Hall defeated Stephen McClellan, 91-26, for Redland constable, while Brad Rauls beat Jimmy “Trae” Hall, 97-10, for Whiteville constable.

Jason Hall does not have a Republican opponent to face in the general election so the Redland constable’s position is his. Rauls, however, will have to face Republican Odis Barnett in the November general election for Whiteville constable.

There was also a primary race between Karen Bell Fox and Alex Tilley for the Republican nomination for the Dist. 4 Justice of the Peace seat being left vacated by Reed. Tilley won Tuesday’s primary by a 57-42 vote (57 percent). Tilley will face Democrat Rodney King in the November general election.

Britt Talent is editor/publisher of the Cleveland County Herald at Rison.