Felony charges

Felony charges

Felony charges were filed during the past week against the following individuals by Prosecuting Attorney Kyle Hunter of the 11th Judicial District-West, which includes Jefferson and Lincoln counties. Listed is the name and address of the defendants, the charges filed against them, investigating agency and the bond amount set.

NOTE: Abbreviations for investigating agencies are as follows: Pine Bluff Police Department (PBPD), Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department (JCSO), White Hall Police Department (WHPD), University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Police Department (UAPB), Redfield Police Department (RPD), Altheimer Police Department (APD), Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (PA), Arkansas State Police (ASP), Tri-County Drug Task Force (TCDTF), Star City Police Department (SCPD), Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department (LCSO), Arkansas Department of Workforce Services (ADWS), Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (G&F), Arkansas Highway Police (AHP), Gould Police Department (GPD).

Jan. 6 — Jan. 20, 2012

Courtney Allen, 46 Western Drive, Pine Bluff, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, PBPD, $100,000;

Christopher Adam Brickey, 1602 Dixon Lane, Pine Bluff, theft of property, PBPD, $10,000;

Felman Lee Bennett, 904 W. 11th Ave., Pine Bluff, second-degree battery, PBPD, $25,000;

Joshua Moore, 3009 S. Holly St., Pine Bluff, hindering apprehension or prosecution, PBPD, $5,000;

Sherrell Latrice Carr, 1719 S. Ohio St., Lot 49, Pine Bluff, first-degree battery, PBPD, $25,000;

Jira Desha Galloway, 940 Garland, Camden, aggravated assault, first-degree forgery, PBPD, $25,000;

Johnathon Montrell Brown, 3003 Jonquil St., Pine Bluff, residential burglary, theft of property, PBPD, $20,000;

Trina L. Billingsley, 4026 W. 16th Ave., Pine Bluff, aggravated assault, PBPD, $10,000;

Cheryl Hunter Davis, 2019 E. 6th Ave., Pine Bluff, second-degree domestic battery, PBPD, $10,000;

Trammell Moore, 1709 S. Fox St., Pine Bluff, capital murder, attempted capital murder, PBPD, no bond;

Kevuan Bass, 1504 W. 34th Ave., Pine Bluff, first-degree terroristic threatening, breaking or entering, third-degree battery, PBPD, $25,000;

Cyndi A. Mitchell, 1001 W. 3rd Ave., Pine Bluff, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, PBPD, $5,000;

Carrie McCann, 9021 Shine Road, Pine Bluff, third offense third-degree domestic battery, JCSO, $25,000;

Peter Banks, 4600 S. Main St., Pine Bluff, rape, knowingly furnishing or selling to minor, PBPD, $25,000.

Reginald Charles, 5901 Hoover St., Pine Bluff, possession of a controlled substance (cocaine) with purpose to deliver, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of drug paraphernalia, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), PBPD, $100,000;

Shawn Hence, 1415 S. Locust St., Pine Bluff, aggravated assault on a certified law enforcement officer, first-degree criminal mischief, PBPD, $25,000 cash only;

James E. Pearce, 6606 Sheridan Road, White Hall, theft by receiving, PBPD, $10,000;

Bryant E. Jenkins, 210 E. 26th Ave., Pine Bluff, breaking or entering, PBPD, $25,000;

Demario R. Douglas, 2703 S. Missouri St., Pine Bluff, second-degree battery, carrying a weapon, PBPD, $25,000;

Leoyd A. Robinson Jr., 1207 Hunter Drive, Redfield, Violation of Omnibus DWI Act, 4th offense, ASP, $10,000;

Michael Reid, 272 Grant 3552, Sheridan, second-degree battery, WHPD, $5,000;

Roosevelt Brazell, 2717 W. 13th Ave., Pine Bluff, first-degree battery, felon in possession of a firearm, PBPD, $75,000;

Gary Clemmons Jr., 1202 S. Cherry St., Pine Bluff, possession of a controlled substance cocaine, PBPD, $10,000;

Lincoln County

Taurus Kelley, Highway 425 and Anchor Road, Yorktown, felon in possession of a firearm, TCDTF, $25,000.