A number of people who knew Kenneth Donnell Davis described him as a person who loved kids, loved his family, loved to ride motorcycles, and would give you anything he had.

A number of people who knew Kenneth Donnell Davis described him as a person who loved kids, loved his family, loved to ride motorcycles, and would give you anything he had.

Davis, 46, was shot and killed Dec. 16 while he was pumping gas for his vehicle at the E-Z Mart on North University Drive.

“We were raised up in the backwoods, the north side of town,” said Jerry Martin, a long time friend of Davis. “We were the captains of the backwoods and stayed in the park (Townsend Park) all the time.”

Martin said he and Davis went into the Army Reserves together on the “buddy system,” with Davis later enlisting in the U.S. Navy where he served for eight years during the Gulf War (Desert Storm and Desert Shield), serving aboard the aircraft carriers USS Forrestal and USS Underwood.

“He was a leader in everything he did,” Martin said. “He wouldn’t sit behind for anything.”

The two went through the Dollarway School System together and Martin said they still followed both the Dollarway Cardinals and the the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Golden Lions.

“Anytime there was a game, he would call me up and we would go to that game,” Martin said. “He loved Dollarway and he loved UAPB.”

Equador Wylie, another long time friend from the north side, said he and Davis served in the Army Reserves together.

“He was an outstanding guy and had a wonderful attitude,” Wylie said. “I grew up on what is now University Drive and we all played together in Townsend Park.

“I hate what happened because he was one of those people that if you needed anything, he would give it to you,” Wylie said.

Police said Davis was shot during a carjacking.

Sarah Davis described her brother as “the baby of the family.”

He was the youngest of eight children born to the late Joseph G. Davis Sr. and Sarah Glien Davis.

“After he got out of the Navy, he came home and worked for United Medical, delivering medical supplies before going to work for Evergreen Packaging,” she said.

“He was very generous, he loved kids, and in his spare time, he loved to ride motorcycles,” Davis said.

She said her brother was also a member of St. James United Methodist Church and had been since he was young.

The love of riding motorcycles led Davis to joining the High Performance Riders, a motorcycle club that participates in a number of fund raising events, such as collecting toys for kids, as well as participating in parades and staging “fun rides” all across the state.

“He was a good rider,” said Michael Gilbert, another member of the club who also worked with Davis at Evergreen Packaging. “He had a sport bike, a blue Kawsaki 1400.”

“I had to go to work that night (after Davis was killed) and it was unbelievable,” Gilbert said. “People were crying and it was so bad that the company arranged counselors to come talk to us. Everybody loved him.”

Another sister, Rita Ellis, who lives in the Dallas area, said she received a call from another brother telling her about Davis’ death.

“I was in shock,” she said. “We had another brother who died of a medical condition but it was not like this. He was one of the good guys, the nice guys, and a great brother.”

The man accused of killing Davis, and shooting three other people, Courtney Lewis, 23, is being held at the county detention center without bond pending the filing of formal charges by the prosecuting attorney’s office.

Funeral services for Davis will be at 10 a.m. Friday at St. James United Methodist Church with the Rev. Henry “Hank” Wilkins IV officiating.