1. The Penn State scandal — how did it come about?

1. The Penn State scandal — how did it come about?

2. What is wrong with the following two paragraphs, the first of a story which appeared on the Website of the nation’s “Newspaper of Record”?

“Graham B. Spanier, one of the longest-serving and highest-paid university presidents in the nation, who has helped raise the academic profile of Penn State during his tenure, stepped down Wednesday night in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal involving a prominent former assistant football coach and the university’s failure to act to halt further harm.

“Spanier’s departure came as the university’s Board of Trustees also ended the 84-year-old Joe Paterno’s career, denying him his wish to finish out the season, his 46th as the head football coach and his 62nd over all at the school.”

3. What was reassuring about the demonstration of support by students and friends of Penn State outside Paterno’s home on the night of his firing?

4. Do we have a good balance of academics and athletics in Arkansas?

5. Who is president of the University of Arkansas?

6. How much is he paid?

7. Who is the chancellor of the University’s Fayetteville campus?

8. How much is the chancellor paid?

9. Who is the head football coach of the University of Arkansas?

10. How much is the head coach paid?

11. How does he rank among college coaches in compensation?

12. Name the U of A Athletic Director.

13. How much is the athletic director paid?

14. What is the average Arkansas public school teacher’s salary?

15. How do Arkansas public school teachers’ salaries rank among the states?

16. What is Arkansas’s ranking among the states in per capita income?

17. Why did the Razorback Foundation need to raise additional funds this year?

18. What is the cost of the new U of A football operations center?

19. What is the cost of the proposed capital improvements package to U of A athletic facilities?

20. Who is Randall Rardin?

21. What is Rardin’s salary?

22. Who is Janet Huge?

23. What is Huge’s salary?

24. Who is Richard Walker?

25. What is Walker’s salary?

26. Who is Erik Gilbert?

27. What is Gilbert’s salary?

28. Who is Christy Preis?

29. What is Preis’s salary?

30. Who is Dave Hodges?

31. What is Hodges’ salary?

32. Who is Lynda Nelson?

33. What is Nelson’s salary?

34. Who is Colette Braud?

35. What is Braud’s salary?

36. Last question: Who is Jason Veltkamp?

37. What is Veltkamp’s salary?


1. Penn allowed its priorities to become confused.

2. The New York Times erroneously believed the firing of Penn State’s president was more important than the firing of its head football coach. But give it some credit: after a couple hours the Times corrected the error by reversing the two paragraphs, giving Paterno’s dismissal priority over the firing of …of…oh, what’s his name again?

3. They understood that Penn’s president — Spanier, that’s it, Spanier — was not important enough to demonstrate outside his home.

4. Yes. We need to produce enough chemists, physicists, engineers, executives and nurses to ensure Arkansas’s future in an ever-changing world.

5. Dr. Donald Bobbitt.

6. $355,000.

7. Dr. David Gearhart.

8. About $592,000, roughly half in donated funds.

9. Bobby Petrino, of course.

10. $3,560,000, about half in public funds.

11. Eighth in the nation, but these things change.

12. Jeff Long, of course, though not as “of course” as Petrino.

13. $459,000.

14. $43,000.

15. 38th.

16. 45th.

17. To keep coaching salaries competitive.

18. About $35 million.

19. About $300 million.

20. Distinguished professor of industrial engineering at the U of A.

21. $174,622.

22. Director of the Arkansas School of Math and Science.

23. $121,900.

24. Professor of physics and chemistry, U of A, Pine Bluff.

25. $55,685.

26. Professor of history, Arkansas State University.

27. $68,051.

28. Assistant professor of mathematics, ASU —- Mountain Home.

29. $52,000.

30. Chairman of the department of business, East Arkansas Community College at Forrest City.

31. $56,896.

32. Associate professor of chemistry, UA — Fort Smith.

33. $60,734.

34. Instructor in nursing, UA — Morrilton.

35. $45,900.

36. Strength coach, University of Arkansas.

37 $189,000.

• • •

Steve Barnes is a native of Pine Bluff.