Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Kudos, Mr. Editor for your insightful and very appropriate editorial, March 26, regarding the antics of Alderman Glen Brown.

I understand that Alderman Brown’s personal responsibilities do not afford him the time to attend to the people’s business (even, it appears, during council meetings) and that his hectic personal schedule does not allow him to read e-mails, so I can only assume he does not read the news either.

He is undoubtedly unaware that the U.S. Federal Court in Oregon recently determined that a blogger is not a member of the press and therefore not entitled to the same privileges (Obsidian Finance Group LLC and Kevin Padrick vs. Crystal Cox). It is my understanding that the individual Alderman Brown was so vocally defending runs a social media page and is, therefore, not entitled to any press considerations. He was acting as a private citizen and the mayor’s request was completely appropriate.

In the future, Alderman Brown should stick with what he knows, like trying to figure out where he is, rather than interfering with governmental operations, a criminal charge which could land him in court.

Steven Sumner

Pine Bluff